Daring Female Pirates

ARRR you a fan of pirates?  ARRR you a bonnie lass or in favor of rambunctious women? If ye answer’d AYE to these questions, ye’ll love this podcast.

For this week’s Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts podcast (Daring Female Pirates), we discuss four of history’s most famous female pirates: Mary Read, Anne Bonne, Ching Shih, and Grace O’Malley.  The inspiration for this podcast is a fabulous Hub titled Fierce Pirate Women: Women Pirates of the Caribbean and Elsewhere by kittythedreamer.

If you have a suggestion for a future Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts podcast, send it your way! Our email address is podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com and we are always pleased to get comments, suggestions, and feedback.

A Day in the Life of a 1950’s Housewife & The Debut of the Fascinating Fiction Podcast

Fascinating FictionToday I am happy to announce the debut of the HubPages Fascinating Fiction podcast – a podcast devoted to showcasing fictional short stories written on HubPages.com.

The first short story to be featured in this podcast was an entry in April’s So You Think You Can Write Online contest.  The judges loved it and though it did not win a prize for the day (though its author did subsequently win a prize in the contest for another Hub), we decided it deserved major kudos, and would be the perfect Hub to share in this exciting new podcast.

With no further ado, I present you with A Day in the Life of a 1950’s Housewife by Jane Bovary.  I hope you enjoy listening in, and I also encourage you to read the original Hub, which has fabulous photos and great mood music.

If you would like to recommend a short story for the podcast, or offer to contribute readings (of your own work, or that of others), send an email to podcast (at) hubpages.com 😀