Meet the Staff! An Interview with Robin Edmondson

In addition to being head of education at HubPages, Robin Edmondson is a very successful Hubber. Having been on for over six years (and seen a very impressive amount of readers and earnings over this period), you know this HubPages expert educator knows what she is talking about.

Of course, there is more to Robin than education and a very successful HubPages career (did you know, for example, that Robin is a beekeeper, or that she happens to be married to HubPages CEO Paul Edmondson?). Check out her answers to your interview questions below to become better acquainted with this fantastic member of the HubPages team.

Has HubPages ever held a Hubber conference/convention? -TravelAbout

When I first started officially working for HubPages two years ago, we had HubCamps. We went around the country teaching Hubbers how to write for an online audience. That program has now evolved into the Apprenticeship Program. While I’m incredibly proud of the Apprenticeship Program and its success, I do miss HubCamps because we were able to meet Hubbers face to face. For example, I met JSMathew, PeggyW, LuisEGonzalez, MightyMom, KCCBigCountry, Mutiny92, wavegirl22, TinaatHome, Thranax, ahostagesituation, AmyJane, BrieHoffman, Sophia Angelique, Carolyn2008, ChrisLincoln, DebbieCook, Dohn121, DocSnow, Dorsi, fastfreta, Kristine Manley, HowardS, and Ms Dee – plus many, many more!

For those of you that would like to meet other Hubbers, you can organize your own HubMeets, or HubPages Meetups. GlennStok has organized a few HubMeets in Long Island, NJ. Here’s his Hub on his experience with HubMeets.

If you want to start your own HubPages Meetup, stop by our Meetup Everywhere page.

Does Paul E have barbeques at his house? -wordscribe43

As of right now, Paul E has two barbeques at our house. One is a gas grill and the other is a Kamado oak grill (a ceramic-tiled grill that is egg shaped weighing around 900lbs). He tends to prefer to cook on the Kamado grill and barbecues around 4 nights a week – especially on the weekends. For New Year’s Eve, he rents a large commercial grade rotisserie to cook a whole pig. While this is a highlight for him, I still can’t get myself to try a bite. Seeing a whole pig on a spit is just too much for me!

What sports do each one of you like to watch and play?- prettydarkhorse

Our house has either Sportscenter or a game on every day. We are big Giants, 49ers, and Lakers fans (we’ve never been Golden State Warrior fans, but they are moving to SF soon, so maybe we’ll start going to some of their games and becoming fans). We love to play basketball, tennis, softball, and four square with our girls. We have a four square court painted in our cul de sac and a hoop at the end of the street, which is really convenient. Both Paul and I played a lot of sports growing up, so it’s one of our favorite things to do with our girls.

How do you squeeze your lovelife into such demanding and hectic HubPages?- prettydarkhorse

It helps that Paul and I get to work together! We share a desk (luckily it’s a big desk) and get to have lunch together on the days that I’m in the office.

Do employees’ kids come in for “bring your child to work day?” – wordscribe43

Since it’s summertime, we have had our two older girls in the office quite a few times. They bring their “work” and have sat in on a few meetings. They love coming in, and I think it’s great for them to see what we do and why it’s important. I believe our girls are the only ones in the office that are old enough to stay for an extended period of time. During the holiday party we get to see all of the younger kids though, and it’s a lot of fun.

Describe your ideal Hubber -Marcy Goodfleisch

The great thing about HubPages is there are many different types of Hubbers and our platform allows you to put a bit of yourself into each of your Hubs. I have been so incredibly lucky to get to know the Hubbers in the Apprenticeship Program really well. I’m in awe of their writing abilities and how they have adapted to become better online writers. They are so positive and helpful to one another and are so committed to their writing. Many of them have the qualities of my ideal Hubber.

An Easy Way to Spot Apprentices!

HubPages Apprentice Tara McNerney

Have you noticed that the profiles of some Hubbers have recently been decorated with special “a” badges? Should you have not have figured it out already, the “a” is for Apprentice!

An Apprentice is a participant in the HubPages Apprenticeship Program, a six month program in which Hubbers are given the lessons and resources necessary to build a strong online writing portfolio, develop a personal brand, and become a successful Hubber. In addition to receiving lessons, group support, and personalized feedback, Apprentices are also given an up-front bonus of just over $6 for each Hub published (independent of any ad revenue earned).


A Sign of Quality


We are now five months into the Apprenticeship Program, and have quite a few active Apprentices on the site. Each Hub created by an active Apprentice must adhere to Apprenticeship standards, which include a minimum word count of 500 words, use of legal and properly attributed images, and focus on a search-friendly subject matter. That said, most Apprentices utilize our special lessons and feedback to go above and beyond these minimum standards, which makes their Hubs particularly worth highlighting. This is one reason why we have chosen to give Apprentices our special badge of approval. When you see a Hub (such as leahlefler’s Hub, Outdoor Activities in the Finger Lakes, pictured below) with an author image (at the top right corner) that features a small “a”, we want you to know know that it is a great example to follow!



Once an Apprentice graduates from the program, his or her Apprenticeship badge will turn from gray to green. After this point, it is possible that the Hubs this person publishes do not meet all of our Apprenticeship standards, but they most likely will (as following those standards gives a Hub a much better shot at success).

Join in!


Want to feature an Apprenticeship badge on your own HubPages profile image? Apply for the HubPages Apprenticeship Program!

Before submitting your application (through My Account > Apprenticeship), we recommend thoroughly reading our guide to the Apprenticeship Program in the Learning Center. Also make a point of publishing at least five Hubs each month for a couple of months (or at least one month) to be sure that you can keep up with the the Apprenticeship Program pace (which requires participants to publish a minimum of eight high quality Hubs each month for six months).

We hope these Apprenticeship badges inspire you to write better, more successful Hubs and encourage you to apply for the Apprenticeship program. It is a great way to kickstart your online writing career!