Phasing Out Tags and the RSS Capsule

Coco Chanel is famous for saying “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.”

If we were an accessorized person, we would look somewhat like Mr. T. We acknowledge that simplicity can be a good thing, and though it can be very hard to let things go, we know that we must occasionally cull out unnecessary features to provide a better overall experience.

With this wisdom in mind, we have decided to remove tags and the RSS Capsule from

Tags used to be very important on HubPages, but due to abuse by spammers, we developed an automated system that develops tags for Hubs automatically (which will ultimately save you time and leave Hubbers less dumbfounded when trying to determine which tags are or are not appropriate).

At this point, the only feature on HubPages that still makes use of tags is the RSS Capsule, and as this component of the HubTool has become less popular (and is also less useful than it used to be), we have decided to retire it.

We know that when we remove the RSS Capsule entirely, the formatting of some Hubs will need to be adjusted. We will therefore send you an email listing all of the Hubs you have which contain RSS Capsules, so that you can manually remove the RSS Capsules ahead of time, or check those Hubs for formatting issues after we remove the RSS Capsules automatically.

You may also view all of your Hubs containing RSS Capsules in this special section of your Statistics page.

While we have already removed tags from the Create a Hub page and the RSS Capsule from the HubTool, we will not remove RSS Capsules from Hubs until the first Monday of February (the 4th), so you have the rest of the year to make these adjustments. This should be a pretty smooth transition, and we are glad to be making room for new, more relevant and effective features. Cleaning house can be a hassle, but it must be done!