Marshmallows – The Stuff Behind the Fluff

Marshmallows have grown to become a huge part of people’s childhoods, thanks to theirĀ prevalenceĀ in all-American snacks such as s’mores, Rice Krispie Treats, and Peeps, but there is more to these fluffy sweets than meets the eye!

In a fascinating Hub titled Marshmallows – Sweet Treats, Recipes and Herbal Origins, AliciaC shared a lot of the cool history behind marshmallows along with some fun facts and tasty recipes. We enjoyed the Hub so much we decided to do a podcast on it, so listen in as we discuss Marshmallows – The Stuff Behind the Fluff. We’ll cover the common marshmallow forms, their history, and lots of other interesting marshmallow trivia!

Props to AliciaC for writing yet another fantastic Hub (her articles on HubPages are consistently fantastic). If you have stumbled upon an amazing Hub that you think we should discuss in a podcast, tell us about it! Send suggestions and feedback in an email to