A Hat Tip to Some Amazing Poets

It has been nearly a week since the HubPatron of the Arts Contest came to a close, and Hubbers are still talking about the amazing Hubs that were published as entries. Of the 1,710 entries submitted, the majority were poems, and alas, only three could be selected as finalists for that category.

That said, the contest Judges and I agree that some Hubs deserve honorable mention- and a good read! If you did not review entries as they were published, you might enjoy this ‘best of’ listing of some of the judges’ favorite Hubbers and Hubs that were not selected as winners.

SimeyC – Though many know SimeyC for his didactic, article-like work, he submitted quite a few poems in the contest to which judges and readers alike responded most favorably:

Kathryn Vercillo – Another Hubber known mostly for her informative prose, Kathryn Vercillo also submitted a couple of excellent, much-enjoyed poems:

Tom Rubenoff – Yes, yes, Tom Rubenoff did go on to win first place in the poetry section of the contest, but the win was for only one of his amazing entries. Here are more of his beautiful, moving submissions:

RedElf, another finalist, also wrote a beautiful (non-winning) Hub titled When Love Dies… that deserves recognition.

Some additional poems that come highly recommended are Talking to yourself РYour  inner child (a poem) by sofs, For My Ragnar by QudsiaP1, In This Castle of a Sleeping Beauty by The Lost Dutchman, and Anonymous: A Poem by habee.

Are you interested in getting a behind-the-scenes peek at the approaches different judges took in the contest? Check out RebekahELLE’s Hub! She shares her experience as a HubPatron of the Arts poetry judge most eloquently.


[image by Anonymous Account via flickr]