Fun Movie Trivia

Want to impress your friends with fun movie trivia? Listen in to our Fun Movie Trivia podcast as Jason and I cover some of the most interesting movie myths, facts, and what-ifs that are debunked, shared, and explained in a series of cinematic Hubs by Robwrite.

Robwrite is one of the best film experts on the site- his movie Hubs are packed with fascinating insights, facts, debunked myths, and all sorts of other interesting and delicious tidbits. We only covered a few of the movie facts Robwrite shares in this podcast. To see all of them, check out the original articles:

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All Things Ninja!

Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsIf you’re a fan of ninja, you’ll find this podcast fascinating. In this episode of Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts (Ninja Training, Origins, and Gear), Marina and I delve in to a collection of articles written by Haunty which detail the origins of ninja, their homes, their training, their clothing, and of course their weapons! You might be surprised by what you hear- there is more to ninja lore and costume than meets the eye!

Because we covered seven of Haunty’s ninja articles, we could only scratch the surface, so we recommend checking out the original Hubs, which come complete with fantastic diagrams, cool videos, and LOTS of information.

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The History of the Ouija Board

Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsThe Ouija Board has been used for ages to communicate with the great beyond.  But for how long has this mysterious implement been in use? Where did it come from? Listen in to this week’s podcast (The History of the Oija Board) to find out!

The Ouija Board – A History, the Hub by kentuckyslone which forms the basis of this podcast, is an enjoyable and informative read.  It even includes some fun polls where you can weigh in and share your opinion on the evil connotations that have come to be associated with this spiritual board game.  Be sure to check it out!

We’d also love to hear about your experiences with the Ouija Board- whether you used it, whether you think it is legit, and if you have communicated with any spirits using this curious tool.  We are also taking requests for future podcast subjects.  Send your stories and suggestions to podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com!

To Wed? Or Not to Wed?

Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsThat is the question…. addressed in an awesome Hub by michelleonly3 titled To Wed or not to Wed- Making the Biggest Decision of Your Life.  The Hub is, as michelleonly3 puts it, a brutally honest discussion of the issue that both Marina Lazarevic and Yours, Truly found to be very insightful.

Listen in to this week’s podcast (To Wed Or Not to Wed) as we discuss the marriage issue and review the wrong reasons why people get married.  We also delve into some of the modern issues confronting the concept of marriage, and, of course, talk about the right reasons to get married, too.

Did you ever get married for the wrong reasons? What is your personal way of telling if one is really ready to marry?  Let us know what you think about the decision to “take the plunge” by sending us an email! We may very well discuss it in our next podcast.

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The Native American Indian Two-Spirit Tradition

Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsOne thing I love about the Hubs on HubPages is that many introduce me to new points of view, histories, cultures, and traditions. Native American Indian Berdache Tradition by Southern Muse does all of those things, hence Jason Menayan and I had to do a podcast on it.

Have you heard of the berdache, or two-spirit tradition before?  It is a practice that was adopted by many Native American cultures across the continent, and it basically entails the adoption of a culturally defined social role that is associated with the opposite sex.  For example, a two-spirit person born as a male might assume the cultural role (activities and dress) of a female.

Listen in to this week’s podcast (The Native American Indian Two-Spirit Tradition) as we discuss this tradition, its various facets, and its historical and modern implications.  It just might change your perceptions of gender and sex altogether!

What are your thoughts on the two-spirit tradition? Or on European-inspired gender roles?  Do you know of an equally interesting and well-written Hub that you would love to have us feature in a future podcast?  You should send us an email sharing your thoughts! We’d love to build your ideas and feedback into future podcasts.

How to Survive a Zombie ATTACK!

Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsFor the first time ever, I am joined in the Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts Podcast by Marina Lazarevic, and we decided to address a serious (or at least seriously awesome) subject: preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

Because there are so many great zombie articles on HubPages, this podcast (Zombie ATTACK!) had to be about more than just one.  We ended up discussing four different zombie Hubs:

I hope you come away from this episode with a good zombie disaster plan.  Tell us about it, and also feel free to send over any suggestions for future podcast subjects!

Flip Flops

Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsIt’s summer, and you know what that means- footwear gets flippant!  Or at least flippy. And floppy.  And flip floppy.

In this episode of Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts (Flip Flops), Robin Edmondson and Simone Smith discuss the history, culture, practices, and marketing genius surrounding the world of flip flops, as inspired by a flip flop-loving Hub written by JSParker: World’s Best Flip Flops: Havaianas, Sandals Made in Brazil.

Listen in to discover where these fun shoes came from, as well as whether or not they’re admired or demonized by the business world (spoiler: it’s a bit of both).

Big thanks to JSParker for the fun, summer-friendly Hub.  If you recently published or stumbled upon a Hub that you think would be great for the Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts podcast, tell us about it!  We’d love to hear from you.

Fabulous Skincare Tips

Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsWhat’s the difference between dull and radient skin? Skincare! HubPages is filled with helpful guides on skin maintenance, and we want to share them with you.  That’s why in this episode of Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts, Michelle Padro and I discuss two of the most popular skincare Hubs on the site.

The first is 4 Steps To Beautiful Skin – How To Get The Best Body Skin Ever by moonbun, which shares some great foundational skincare practices. The second is Best Essential Oils For Skin Treatments by Om Paramapoonya, which includes not only tips on using and choosing essential oils, but also recipes for making lovely toners and remedies.

We hope this podcast helps you take better care of your skin. We also hope that you send feedback and suggestions for future podcasts our way– we’re always looking for new Hubs to discuss in the podcast. 😀

Climbing Mount Fuji

Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsDo you fancy yourself to be quite the explorer? If so, you might be interested in what Sir Cumference has to say about climbing Mount Fuji.  In Climbing Fuji-San – A Quick Guide, Sir Cumference shares background on the mountain as well as a wealth of tips on climbing this famous volcano in style.

If you’re so busy exploring and summiting famous mountains that you cannot read the full Hub (which we highly recommend, not just for the gorgeous photos and excellent writing, but the useful tips and tables as well), do not despair.  Jason Menayan and I discuss Sir Cumference’s major points in this week’s podcast!

We hope it inspires you to climb ev’ry mountain 😀

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Tips on Choosing and Wearing Perfume

Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsThe world of perfume is astoundingly complex.  Thankfully, perfume aficionada and HubPages staffmember Michelle Padro knows a thing or two about how to choose, test, and wear perfumes, and shared her sage advice in a Hub titled The Dos and Don’ts of Perfume.

Listen in to this week’s podcast (Choosing and Wearing Perfume) as Michelle shares her tips with us.

You just might learn something new!

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