Why do we give gifts?

Right now, Christmas is all the rage on HubPages.com. Hubbers are sharing entertaining and decorating advice, complaining about rampant consumerism, delving into religious holidays that crop up around the end of the year, and writing lots and lots of gift guides. But why?

Why do we give gifts on holidays? For how long have we been exchanging presents, and how did our current traditions emerge? We delve into this very subject in this week’s Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts- a look at the history of Gift Giving on Holidays.

In this podcast, we touch on a bunch of different Hubs, including:

So be sure to stop by those neat guides, histories, and articles for more information!

We hope that you are at peace with whatever gift giving practice you have developed over the years, and hope that you find the history of holiday gift exchanges as fascinating as we do! If you have any suggestions for future podcasts, or would like to tell us about the best gift you have ever received, send us an email at podcast-at-HubPages-dot-com.

The Meaning Behind Tibetan Prayer Flags

Chances are you have seen Tibetan prayer flags before, but do you know where they came from and what they symbolize? These beautiful pieces of cloth are more than just decorations, and in a Hub titled History & Symbolism of Tibetan Prayer Flags, melbel explains more about their background and meaning.

Melbel’s Hub is so fascinating that we decided to feature it in this week’s Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts podcast, so listen in as we discuss The Meaning Behind Tibetan Prayer Flags. You’ll find that these mantra-adorned flags have a beautiful purpose, and one that everyone can get behind!

If you have something (religious, cultural, commercial, or entirely random) that performs a purpose similar to Tibetan prayer flags, we’d love to hear about it! Send us an email at team-at-hubpages.com. We’re also looking for cool new Hubs to discuss, so feel free to send future podcast suggestions our way as well.

Marshmallows – The Stuff Behind the Fluff

Marshmallows have grown to become a huge part of people’s childhoods, thanks to their prevalence in all-American snacks such as s’mores, Rice Krispie Treats, and Peeps, but there is more to these fluffy sweets than meets the eye!

In a fascinating Hub titled Marshmallows – Sweet Treats, Recipes and Herbal Origins, AliciaC shared a lot of the cool history behind marshmallows along with some fun facts and tasty recipes. We enjoyed the Hub so much we decided to do a podcast on it, so listen in as we discuss Marshmallows – The Stuff Behind the Fluff. We’ll cover the common marshmallow forms, their history, and lots of other interesting marshmallow trivia!

Props to AliciaC for writing yet another fantastic Hub (her articles on HubPages are consistently fantastic). If you have stumbled upon an amazing Hub that you think we should discuss in a podcast, tell us about it! Send suggestions and feedback in an email to podcast-at-hubpages.com.

Mass Hysteria

What do fan deaths, koro, and the monkey man of New Delhi have in common? They are all associated with mass hysteria!

Mass hysteria has plagued the human race of centuries, and as advanced as we might be, we still fall prey to this odd collective behavior.  One might even argue that thanks to the nature of modern media, we are more susceptible to mass hysteria now than we ever were before.

Listen in to this week’s podcast all about Mass Hysteria for an exploration of mass hysteria events throughout history. Amongst others, we discuss developments covered in three different Hubs:

Though humankind still suffers from this condition, a good sense of perspective and an understanding of how panic spreads may prevent you from getting caught up in the craziness. We hope this podcast gives you the mass hysteria inoculation you need.

Have you ever been caught up in mass hysteria before? Were you nervous about y2k or fan death at any point? Tell us about it by sending an email to podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com.  We love first-person accounts of mass hysteria, so would love to hear more!

The Origins of Halloween

With Halloween approaching, we are morally obligated to do a seasonal podcast. When poking around the fabulous October-related Hubs on HubPages, we found an excellent Hub titled Where Did Halloween Originate? Halloween’s Pagan Origins by kittythedreamer.

Did you know that many of the roots of modern day Halloween lie in Samhain, a Celtic harvest festival? Kittythedreamer’s Hub traces some of our favorite autumnal activities back to this resilient holiday, and we decided to delve more into this interesting tradition in this week’s podcast. Join us as we explore The Origins of Halloween and get in the Halloween spirit!

What is your favorite Halloween tradition? Tell us about it in an email sent to podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com. We’d also love to hear any suggestions on future WAEE podcasts. Challenge us!  We love a good excuse to learn about something new through neat Hubs!

Museum Anatomy with Chadwick and Spector

We created the Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts podcast series to better highlight the talented and fascinating writers that can be found in our community.  Laura Spector is one such fascinating expert, and in addition to writing several fascinating Hubs on her work as an artist, she and her collaborator Chadwick Gray were willing to share more about their work in person- that is, they recorded a fascinating interview revealing their artistic process for this week’s podcast!

Listen in to this very special episode to learn about the Museum Anatomy project – a collection of documentary photographs of historical paintings that Chadwick and Spector have re-created on the human form. Spector and Chadwick offer fascinating firsthand accounts of their artistic experiences, explaining what it was like selecting paintings to reproduce, creating individual pieces, and developing their creative process in new ways.

If you do not have time to listen to the interview, check out Laura Spector’s Hubs on the project:

You can also find a complete gallery of work on Chadwick and Spector’s website, if you’re curious to see more of the photographs they refer to in the interview.

It is wonderful to get this sort of behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of these award-winning artists, and we hope this podcast inspires you to re-think the way you approach your own art and that by other people- be it photography, painting, sketching, performance, poetry, or prose.

The End of the World: Choices, Choices!

You’re going to die. We’re all going to die.  It’s inevitable.  The real question is: HOW are we all going to die?? As it happens, there are quite a few options.

Join us as we explore the most likely disasters that may bring about the end of the earth, as profiled in an excellent article by habee on HubPages.com.  Habee went beyond the usual suspects (asteroids, nuclear holocaust, etc…) to explore some very real, very serious threats.

If you don’t have time to listen to the podcast (and even if you do), stop by habee’s original Hub (How Will the World End? When Will the World End?) for an overview of the most menacing suspects- complete with bonus videos going into greater detail.

How do you think the end of the world will come about? Send your predictions in an email to podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com!  We always love to hear from you, and are also on the lookout for suggestions on future podcasts, so send those our way as well!

The Surprising Power of a Name

Are you the type to make impulse buys? Were you a troublemaker as a kid? Or are you, perhaps, a high-power CEO? You may have your name to thank for these developments.

Listen in to this week’s podcast (The Surprising Power of a Name) to discover some unexpected twists that may be caused by one’s name.  If you’re about to name a child, you may think twice about going with your first choice. You might also discover an excuse for your tragic failure in the sciences!

Big thanks to Stephanie Henkel for writing the fascinating Hub on which this podcast is based.  The Importance of a Name – How Your Name Affects Your Life is quite the enjoyable read.

If you have a suggestion (be it a Hub you think is particularly interesting, or a topic you love) for a future Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts podcast, send it our way! Our email is podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com.

Daring Female Pirates

ARRR you a fan of pirates?  ARRR you a bonnie lass or in favor of rambunctious women? If ye answer’d AYE to these questions, ye’ll love this podcast.

For this week’s Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts podcast (Daring Female Pirates), we discuss four of history’s most famous female pirates: Mary Read, Anne Bonne, Ching Shih, and Grace O’Malley.  The inspiration for this podcast is a fabulous Hub titled Fierce Pirate Women: Women Pirates of the Caribbean and Elsewhere by kittythedreamer.

If you have a suggestion for a future Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts podcast, send it your way! Our email address is podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com and we are always pleased to get comments, suggestions, and feedback.

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Who doesn’t like talking about Halloween costumes? With the spooky holiday rolling around, we could not help but take a podcast to share some of our favorite creative Halloween costume ideas. Hundreds of Hubs on HubPages offer tips on costumes, so we narrowed our focus to three guides written by staff members: one with costume ideas for groups, another with costume ideas for sisters, and another with trendy costume ideas.

For more great costume ideas, be sure to poke around HubPages.com (just type “Halloween costume” into the search bar and you’ll find hundreds of results). Here are some recently published Halloween costume Hubs that were made during a recent Weekly Topic Inspiration session:

They’re fabulous- and very creative indeed!

Have fun planning your costume! And don’t forget- if there is a Hub or topic that you think would be good for us to discuss in a future Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts podcast, tell us about it by sending an email to podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com.