Things have been running smoothly integrating the HubPages and Maven strategy, and providing opportunities for our authors is in the forefront of our talks.  We were thrilled to be part of the Maven Coalition Conference, which included a number of our awesome Hubbers, and we have been working with the Maven staff to help our authors build communities on Maven.

Today, we are excited to announce our first pathway for Hubbers to become Mavens! We have a couple of iterations of our plan, but our first offering is for Hubbers to apply to move a personal site to the Maven and be the owner of a particular vertical.  If you are interested in moving your domain to the Maven and running a category, we’ve included some of the requirements, responsibilities, and perks that this partnership entails.


  • A personal domain with a minimum of 25K monthly unique visitors that you are willing to move to a domain.
  • Domain is on a niche category, e.g., auto repair, quilting, recipes.


  • Hubber will be active on the vertical and build a community of users that encourages engagement and participation.  


Maven’s end-to-end business platform provides:

  • Self-sustaining traffic
  • New revenue – premium programmatic, online media kit and self-serve sales tools, and an integrated membership platform
  • World-class technology
  • Ownership


Will I still be able to publish on HubPages?

Of course!  We recommend that you continue to publish articles on HubPages.  This is a separate opportunity to build community around your area of expertise.

Can I find a partner in owning a vertical?

Yes! It is definitely an option for Hubbers to join forces and run a channel together on a particular niche topic. So, for example, if you move over your knitting site and two other Hubbers in the knitting community want to help run the knitting channel, you could sign an agreement together.

What will my time commitment be?

The time commitment varies and is dependent on how much you want to put into the project, but there are minimal requirements like posting everyday on your channel.

What is the application process?

Please send all of the following information to

  • domain
  • subject matter
  • estimated monthly pageviews
  • estimated monthly users
  • Estimated number of posts per week

Once approved you will be sent Maven’s partnership agreement for review and signature.

What if I don’t have a personal website, but I would love to run a vertical?

We will be rolling out the next phase to Hubbers in the future to bring on Hubbers that do not own a personal site but that want to become Mavens on a particular niche.

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One thought on “An Update on the HubPages and Maven Partnership

  1. What’s the benefit to me? One of my sites meets the requirements. Would I have to split revenue where I don’t now?

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