Today I’m pleased to announce that an old staff member from the early days of HubPages has returned to the Team. After some time off traveling the world with his lovely wife, Engineer Tim Martin is back with us! We’re sure happy to have him. You can get to know Tim better in his interview below:

What made you decide to come back to HubPages after a few years away?

I just couldn’t stay away any longer. 🙂

What will you be working on at HubPages?

I’ll mostly be working on server infastructure. HubPages has some great infrastructure but the servers are nearing the end of their useful life. We are using this an opportunity to both upgrade them and take advantage of more cloud services. The upgrades should allow us to more quickly respond to changes in demand, be more resilient against hardware failures, and build and deploy new features more quickly.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy cycling around the Bay Area, woodworking, travel, and Scrabble.

What are your favorite Scrabble words?

I’m glad you asked. My favorite Scrabble words are ones that are both fun words that also score a lot of points. Some examples are SQUAWK, KLUTZ and JAMBOREE. My vocabulary isn’t as broad as most players so in general I try to make good use of the short “Scrabble words” like QAT, ZA, JO.

What’s your favorite HubPages feature?

I really like the question and answer area. When it was first released I think I asked at least one question every day for the first couple weeks.

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9 replies on “HubPages Welcomes Back an Old Friend: Introducing Engineer Tim

  1. Welcome back, Tim…although I don’t know if I knew you when you were here previously. I can say this because I’m a harmless old lady: You’re cute…remind me a little of Buddy Holly & someone else, but “who” is not clear to me yet. Enjoy your return and much success to you. Peace, Paula

  2. Welcome back to subpages. So many writing goals have been accomplished with the powerful background technology that many of us know very little of. Glad you are back!

  3. Welcome back Tim,
    Nice to see you again. If you don’t mind my asking this question, which countries in Asia did you stay/visit ? Which country did you find the most attractive ?

    Have enjoyable working days Tim.

    Agus F

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