Here are the results of the last few days of the Grow the HubPot Challenge!  Congratulations to everyone that participated over the last month!

Top 10 and winner for Friday, March 28

Number of Featured Hubs: 151
Daily HubPot: $ 19
Weekly HubPot: $96.75 (19+19.25+21.50+18+19)

  1. Viking305: How To Grow Rhubarb in a Small Garden: Recipes Rhubarb Pie Crumble
  2. Jonathan Wylie: How to Use Green Screen Effects on iPads
  3. ercramer36: How to Insert a Drop Down Box in Excel
  4. Lizette Leanza: How to Make French Crêpes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner or Dessert
  5. stuff4kids: Top Ten Facts About the Wild West and Cowboys
  6. JayFS: League of Legends Runes – COMPLETE List and Rune Page Guide for Beginners
  7. JamiJay: Small Home Living
  8. sheilamyers: Categories and descriptions of natural environments
  9. LongTimeMother: What Teens Don’t Need To Know
  10. BNadyn: National Walk in the Park Day

And the winner using is…

# 5: Top Ten Facts About the Wild West and Cowboys by stuff4kids


Top 10 and winner for Saturday, March 29

Number of Featured Hubs: 142
Daily HubPot: $ 17.75
Weekly HubPot: $114.50 (19+19.25+21.50+18+19+17.75)

  1. AliciaC: Burnaby Village Museum – British Columbia Life in the 1920s
  2. bdegiulio: One Day in Chania, Crete
  3. anitajsmith: Apollo: Son, Brother, Olympian
  4. spartucusjones: The Top 15 Most Memorable Versions of Take Me Out to the Ball Game
  5. raymondphilippe: Review of 12 Star Social a new Social Media Management Tool to Prune and Grow your Social Media Presence
  6. tony55: How to Break a Child’s Bad Habits-Breaking a Teenager’s bad habit
  7. andrzejpavlov: 15 Best German Defenders of All Time
  8. Chiyome: Winged Death: Lilya Litvak and the Night Witches
  9. Diana Lee: Remaking Owen Wister’s The Virginian
  10. ercramer36: How to do Nested IF Statements in Excel

And the winner using is:

#4: The Top 15 Most Memorable Versions of Take Me Out to the Ball Game by spartucusjones

Top 10 and winner for Sunday, March 30

Number of Featured Hubs: 129
Daily HubPot: $ 16.25
Weekly HubPot: $130.75 (19+19.25+21.50+18+19+17.75+16.25)

  1. Gordon Hamilton: Haggis Stuffed Roast Chicken with Clapshot Croquettes
  2. Viking 305: How to Grow Scallions, Spring Onions: Recipe Coleslaw, Potato Salad
  3. Melissa A Smith: The Truth about the Educational Value of Zoos
  4. Maren Morgan M-T: Gluten-Free Quinoa and Yogurt Breakfast Recipes
  5. Purpose Embraced: Best Ways to Support a Grieving Loved One
  6. stephhicks68: How to Make Photo Tile Coasters
  7. Greensleeves Hubs: Tenerife: Experiencing Carnival in Santa Cruz
  8. cocopreme: Why Korean Dramas Are Popular
  9. R L Alexander: The Auvergne: Plunge Into The Deep Heart of France
  10. Angela Tempest: HMS Trincomalee

The winner chosen using, is…

# 3: The Truth about the Educational Value of Zoos by Melissa A Smith

Congratulations! Stay tuned for the Grand Prize Winner that will be announced tomorrow.

Posted by:Robin Edmondson

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