Happy Friday! I will be posting the results to the weekend Challenge on Monday and the Grand Prize Winner on Tuesday.  Here are yesterday’s Challenge results.

Number of Featured Hubs: 162

Daily HubPot: $20.25

Weekly HubPot: $75 (17.25+17.75 +19.75+20.25)

March 13th Top 10 Hubs:

  1. Gordon Hamilton: Canned Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipes
  2. akirchner: Using Mindmapping As A Memory Tool
  3. Athlyn Green: Make a “Scrapghan”–Crochet a Colorful Afghan From Yarn Scraps
  4. amiebutchko: Playdate Wisdom | Common Safety Concerns and Tips for Success
  5. Ryderr: Does Juvederm really work?
  6. JessBraz: How To Keep Your Dog Safe While Camping In Bear Country
  7. stephhicks68: Hanauma Bay: Things to Do on Oahu, Hawaii
  8. anitajsmith: The Trojan War: All From a Single Apple
  9. stonecircle: 1940’s Classic Molasses Maple Bars
  10. Joe Macho: Care For Pepper Plants

And the winner using random.org is:
#10: Care For Pepper Plants by Joe Macho!

Posted by:Robin Edmondson

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