Here’s to another week of the Grow the HubPot Challenge!  Congratulations to oceansnsunsets for winning last week’s Grand Prize!  Here are your winners for Monday, March 10th!

Number of Featured Hubs on Monday, March 10th: 137
Daily HubPot: $17.25
Weekly HubPot: $17.25
Top 10 Hubs of the Day:
Lyndsay Gamber: 20 More Disneyland Secrets You Don’t Know
Gordon Hamilton: Quick and Easy Soda Bread Recipe
Anna Haven: How to Choose A Narrative Style for Your Writing
Gcrhoads64: How Long Can I Keep Mustard, Mayo, Salad Dressing and other Foods in the Fridge?
ologsinquito: Herbs that May Protect Against Radiation
elementarywatson: Top 15 Best Family Movies
Colleen Swan: Psychology: Opening and Maintaining a Counseling Practice
Greenlily: What I Love and Hate About Tagaytay City
Sharkye11: Using Color Psychology to Boost Your Freelance Business
andrzejpavlov: 15 Best Manchester City Players in the History of Football

The winner chosen using, is…
#7: Psychology: Opening and Maintaining a Counseling Practice by Colleen Swan

Congratulations, Everyone!

Posted by:Robin Edmondson

One thought on “Week 3/Day 1: Grow the HubPot Challenge Winners

  1. Thank you for selecting my hub as one of the top 10 for Monday. I’m thrilled to be in such illustrious company.

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