Happy Friday! If you didn’t see the blog yesterday, we are changing the requirements a bit so that more Hubbers will be able to participate in the contest. We will now be using PayPal ID to determine how many Hubs a Hubber has written per day instead of AdSense ID. Hopefully this will allow new Hubbers to participate and Hubbers that share AdSense IDs. Here are the top 10 for Thursday, February 6th!

1. spongy0llama: Rembrandt’s Paintings: An Analytical and Biographical Overview
2. StoneCircle: Vintage Maple Molasses Cake
3. VirginiaLynne: 100 Easy Persuasive Essay Topics with Tips to Write a Paper Fast
4. Krysanthe: Ice Art: How to Make Rainbow Icicles
5. LCDWriter: What To Do If Your Dog Won’t Stop Licking Itself
6. ESPeck1919: How to Replace a Broken Zipper
7. eugbug: How to Sow Seeds
8. m_westrope: Easy French Bread Recipe
9. Mark Lees: A Preview Of The Probable England Squad For Brazil 2014
10. ologsinquito: Health Care Workers at Risk from Secondhand Chemotherapy

Number of Featured Hubs: 129
Daily HubPot: $ 16.25
Weekly HubPot: $60.25 (16.25+13+14.75+16.25)

And the winner using random.org is:

#2 Vintage Maple Molasses Cake by Stone Circle!

Congratulations! Stay tuned for the weekend winners that will be announced on Monday and for the Grand Prize Winner that will be announced on Tuesday

Posted by:Robin Edmondson

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