Hello Hubbers,

We have a quick update for the remainder of the contest, and then we’ll get to the Top 10 and the Daily Winner!  One complaint that we have heard about the contest is that new users without an AdSense ID can’t participate.  We’ve decided that we would like to have as many participants as possible, so we are changing the requirements a bit.  Starting Monday, instead of requiring an AdSense ID to participate, all you need is to be part of the HubPages Earnings Program.   This will allow Hubbers to participate that are in the same household but share an AdSense ID as well as new Hubbers that haven’t been accepted to AdSense yet.  We hope that this helps grow the pot and encourages Hubbers to tell their friends and family to start writing on HubPages!

One other quick announcement:  we are going to announce the Weekly Winner on Tuesday starting next week.  This gives us a little more time to go through all of the Hubs of the week.  And now… the the Top 10 Hubs for March 5th!

Number of Featured Hubs: 118
Daily HubPot: $ 14.75
Weekly HubPot: $44 (16.25+13+14.75)

Top Hubs of the Day in no particular order:

  1. Silver Q: Passive Aggressive Behavior: How to recognize it and how to deal with it.
  2. Lee Tea: Why Are All the Articles that Suggest Ingesting Essential Oils is Safe Written by Young Living Sales Reps? 
  3. JustAskSusan:  Polar Bear Dips, Swims, Plunges and Jumps 
  4. calculus-geometry: Why There Are Infinitely Many Prime Numbers & More Curious Facts About Primes
  5. greatstuff: Issues on Malaysian Tax for Expatriates and Non-Residents
  6. flourishanyway: The Inside Track: What HR Won’t Tell You About Why You Can’t Find Work 
  7. Outbound Dan: How to Add Topographic Maps to a Garmin 62 GPS
  8. Beth Eaglescliffe: Creating a Volunteer Recruitment Campaign for Nonprofits and Charities
  9. healthmunsta: DIY Mango Face Mask Recipes for Beautiful Skin 
  10. ESPeck1919: Natural Wonders: Underwater Crop Circles, Fairy Rings and Ice Circles

The winner chosen using random.org, is…

#1 Silver Q: Passive Aggressive Behavior: How to recognize it and how to deal with it.

Congratulations, Everyone!

Posted by:Robin Edmondson

2 replies on “Week 2/Day 3: Grow the HubPot Challenge Winners and an Opportunity for Newbies

  1. Wow! How lovely to be selected in the Top 10! I’m absolutely delighted!

    Congratulations to Silver Q, an awesome hubber, and prolific writer! Certainly well-deserved!

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