We are entering our second week of the Grow the HubPot Challenge and Monday was another fantastic day. Check out the results and congratulations to everyone that wrote a Featured Hub!

Number of Featured Hubs on Monday, March 3rd: 130
Daily HubPot: $16.25
Weekly HubPot: $16.25

Top 10 Hubs of the Day:

  1. annart: INTERESTING ENGLAND: Somerset – a History of the Lighthouses of Burnham-on-Sea
  2. ChristinS: Five Important Social Skills Tips for Introverts
  3. vespawoolf: How to Make a Latte or Cappuccino
  4. eugbug: What Are Air Tools Used For?
  5. ESPeck1919: How To Cast On For Knitting – Three Ways!
  6. Noel Tanti: A Brief History of Carnival in Malta
  7. FatFreddysCat: A Guide to Collecting Sony/BMG’s “Extended Versions” CDs
  8. Beth Eaglescliffe: Thundersnow Storms – Extraordinary Weather
  9. daughterson: Basic Cooking for Beginners, How to Measure, Basic Cooking Terms and Techniques.
  10. Millionaire Tips: When Should You Write a Will?

The winner chosen using random.org, is…

#7 A Guide to Collecting Sony/BMG’s “Extended Versions” CDs by FatFreddysCat

Congratulations! Your winnings of $16.25 will be added to your HubPages Earnings balance! Well done, Everyone!

Posted by:Robin Edmondson

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