Hello Hubbers!  A lot has been going on at HubPages Headquarters, and we have been deciding on our overall goals for 2014.  In 2013 our main goal was to improve quality on HubPages and, with your help, we think it’s been a great success.

HubPot_170x170Our overriding goal for 2014 is to grow high-quality Hubs.  Ultimately, we would love to see 200 outstanding Hubs a day!  We measure outstanding quality using our Writing Scale’s example of an 8 or better.  As a community and a team, we feel like this goal is the key to the survival of HubPages.  Are you in?  We think we can do it; if we can’t, then nobody can because you are part of the most amazing community out there!

One of the ways we think we can reach this goal is to provide a challenge for Hubbers. We have been listening and many Hubbers, veterans and newbies alike, would like the chance to earn more for their high-quality Hubs. Plus, we want to motivate you to write more of those outstanding Hubs.  We hope that this new challenge helps!  Starting next Monday we are going to have a week long challenge to increase the number of great Hubs. We are calling it the Grow the HubPot Challenge!  Here’s how it works:

  • The challenge begins Monday, February 24th at 12:01 am PT (midnight) and ends on the following Sunday evening, 11:59 pm PT (midnight).
  • For every Featured Hub, HubPages will put 25 cents into the HubPot
  • There will be a Daily Winner and a Grand Prize Winner
  • At the end of each day we will choose one winner that will receive 50% of the HubPot
  • The remaining 50% of each day’s HubPot will go toward the Grand Prize HubPot
  • At the end of the week, one Hubber will win the Grand Prize HubPot
  • Hubbers can only have one Featured Hub per day that counts toward the contest across all of their HubPages accounts.  The Hub that counts toward the contest is the first Hub published that day, so be sure that the first one you publish each day is your very best.
  • To choose the Daily Winner, HubPages Staff will choose the best 10 Hubs of the day and one winner will be chosen using a random number generator
  • To choose the Weekly Winner, HubPages Staff will choose the best 10 Hubs of the week and one winner will be chosen using a random number generator
  • Hubbers have to be in HEP program to qualify; all payments will be added to your HEP balance.  Hubbers must meet the $50 payout to receive the bonus
  • All awards will be given out the following day
  • We will update you by 2pm Monday through Friday on the finalists, winners, and the Grand Prize HubPot numbers!
  • Saturday and Sunday winners will be given out on Monday along with the Grand Prize winner

To read more about the rules of the challenge, please see our official guidelines.

The Grow the HubPot Challenge will begin next Monday morning!   We hope that this provides an incentive to start writing those fabulous Hubs!   Our goal is to have 200 high-quality Hubs produced a day and to have Hubbers work as a team to grow the HubPot!  Good luck!


Posted by:Robin Edmondson

15 replies on “The New HubPages Challenge: Grow the HubPot!

  1. Are hubs on all topics considered, or will you follow the HOTD protocol and favor hubs about food, history, crafts, and personal emotional development?

  2. Another great idea for Hubbers. Thanks for making the upcoming year something to look forward too. Incentives like these is where great ideas and terrific Hubs come from.

  3. Can the hubs be “in the queue,” i.e., pre-written, but never yet published in order to qualify?

    I’ve several hubs I’ve started, but various personal issues intruded upon my getting them finished and published. Does the ‘changed..’ date, (which is when I first began work on that hub), preempt the ‘published on’ date?

    Thanks for clarifying…

    1. Hi Lizzy,

      Hubs will be counted from the date they were first published, so as long as you haven’t published the Hubs you’ve been working on yet, they will count toward the challenge. 🙂

  4. May I please submit my work. I been working on it before the contest began & forgot to submit it before yesterday’s deadline. Can I still participate? I did not add my article to hubpages yet, may I still do so or is it too late?

  5. Where will the daily and final winners be published? I’ve published two hubs in two days, enjoying this challenge.

  6. Hi Robin,
    I’m a little late here, but am interested in trying to participate with a new hub during this month of March. If I am correct, there is no particular link to publish the hub on, other than our own site? I also understand that this is only for NEW hubs, not formerly featured hubs, correct?

    Thanks, I’ll check back soon for a reply. Best of luck to the group,

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