5693530_f520Happy Tuesday, friends! Today it is my pleasure congratulate Hubber Peggy W on receiving the first HubPages celebrity Pin on Pinterest. Last night her Hub, Crape-Myrtles in Southern Landscaping,  was Pinned by Jessica Alba on the Dream House board of her official Pinterest page! The image on the left is the one the famous actress chose to Pin.

While Peggy couldn’t have predicted Jessica’s fascination with beautiful southern Crape-Myrtles, we think her Hub is highly Pinnable thanks to her stunning original photos and the short descriptive text on her first image. This gem is certainly deserving of the star-studded interest it has received.

Here’s to many more celebrity Pins to come!

Posted by:christykirwan

4 replies on “This Hub was Pinned by Jessica Alba

  1. That’s just really awesome! We’ve had a lot of success stories on HubPages over the last few years. Remember Julie Deneen with Anderson Cooper? Well done HubPages writers! It will only get better from here! Keep writing quality content and they will come…


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