…With his earnings from a viral Hub on Diet Coke at McDonald’s!

I’m very excited to congratulate Hubber Jeffrey Boettner (howlermunkey) for creating the first viral Facebook hit of 2014! Starting on January 2nd, his Hub, Why does fountain Diet Coke taste better at McDonald’s?, has received over 800,000 views (and still climbing) from Facebook, as well as several thousand search views. So far, he’s earned over $2,000 and counting from just this Hub! Here are a few words from Jeff, who is still in shock after discovering his Hub’s explosion in popularity:

Where did you get the idea to write about Diet Coke at McDonald’s, and why do you think this particular Hub has become so popular?

I’ve always noticed a huge difference between the sodas at McDonalds and elsewhere, and apparently, so have my readers, which is the reason I believe this hub went viral. I touched upon a question that has been asked for years but not answered…. people suspected sodas at McDonalds were superior (and trust me if you drink soda like I do you notice the difference), but most people have no idea why. Many people think there is a secret contract between McDonalds and the Coca-Cola company.

What do you plan to do with your viral earnings?

First I’m buying a Jameis Winston jersey on eBay (!!Go Noles!!). Second, I plan to give a percentage of my earnings to my favorite cause, Coach Luma Mufleh and The Fugees Family. Most importantly I just want to give a very sincere thanks to HubPages for everything you do. You Rock in so many ways, and I’m very proud to say that I write for HubPages. Thank you so much.

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2 replies on “Here’s How howlermunkey Turned Diet Coke into a Jameis Winston Jersey

  1. Another awesome post – and so inspirational. 🙂 Congrats to howlermunkey!
    I love HP.

  2. Great success! Congrats!

    @HubPages admins – please keep these blog posts coming! I think the community finds them very inspirational and the more people hear about successful hubs, the more they will write and elevate HubPages to new levels 🙂

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