We want to continue rewarding Hubbers who create content readers enjoy with a new designation highlighting their achievements. Today we are excited to announce Editor’s Choice Hubs. These are exceptional Hubs that are selected by HubPages Editors and are available to readers on the HubPages.com domain.

Hubs provide value in unique ways.  Editors consider many elements when making the Editor’s Choice selections (from how well written the Hub is to if we have already selected a similar piece.) Good Hubbers should expect some of their Hubs to be selected, but shouldn’t expect all Hubs to be chosen.  We will be using a variety of measures to assess your Hubs, but ultimately Hubs on HubPages.com will be editor approved; hence the name Editor’s Choice.

Quick Facts on Editor’s Choice Hubs:

  • Only a very small percentage of Hubs will be selected; don’t be disappointed if most of your Featured Hubs are not Editor’s Choice Hubs.  All Featured Hubs that aren’t Editor’s Choice Hubs will remain on your subdomain.
  • Editor’s Choice Hubs will be phased in slowly over the next few weeks. It will take us time to get through all of the potential candidates, so please be patient with us.
  • Editor’s Choice Hubs will receive greater social exposure on HubPages’ social media profiles.
  • Being Featured is a basic prerequisite to becoming an Editor’s Choice Hub, but there are many more factors that candidates are evaluated on, e.g., uniqueness, quality, engagement, intent, a good search experience for the reader, and whether the content is trustworthy, reputable, and authoritative.
  • Hubs that lose their Featured status will also lose their Editor’s Choice status.
  • An opt-out option is available in My Account > Profile > Edit Profile. However, each time you toggle this setting, you will need to wait 60 days before you can do so again.  You can only opt-out at the account level, not on a Hub by Hub basis.
  • Editor’s Choice Hubs will not lose their status if they are edited; in fact, we recommend regularly editing and improving your Hubs.
  • The Editor’s Choice status is not necessarily permanent.  At any given time, only a small percentage of Hubs will be designated Editor’s Choice.
  • An Editor’s Choice accolade is in the works!

Want your Hubs to have an Editor’s Choice designation and be showcased on HubPages.com?  Here are a few criteria to shoot for:

  • Write high-quality Hubs.  Check out our Learning Center entry on Stellar Hubs for guidance.
  • Follow our HubPages Style Guide.
  • Make sure your Hub has passed the Quality Assessment Process.  Again, passing the QAP doesn’t automatically move you into the Editor’s Choice bucket.  Hubs will have to be of even higher quality to make the cut.   Shoot for that 8, 9, or 10 on the quality scale.
  • Remove any promotional links or links to websites that aren’t high quality. Linking should be natural and every link should benefit your reader; the intent of your Hub is considered during the evaluation process.
  • Use the Grouping feature on HubPages instead of including large blocks of links to your own Hubs.
  • Only include relevant and useful Amazon and eBay products and limit their number.
  • If you are writing on a topic that is already extensively covered online, be sure to go above and beyond the best articles on the web.  Rewording the same content won’t cut it.
  • Titles should be descriptive and concise.
  • Proofread:  Grammar and spelling should be perfect.
  • Use high-quality images that are either original or legally used and attributed.
  • Please note:  all of the above criteria are not mandatory for an Editor’s Choice designation, but you increase your chances of your Hub becoming Editor’s Choice if you implement these suggestions.

For more information, please visit our FAQ.


Posted by:Robin Edmondson

27 replies on “Announcing Editor’s Choice Hubs

  1. There’s a glitch when you choose to opt out of being selected for editor’s choice, you can no longer change and save other edits to your profile. E.g., change the spotlight hubs, update your bio. The save changes button doesn’t work any more once you make a change to the editor’s choice option.

  2. Thanks for giving us another way of having our Hubs evaluated and featured. I was pleased to see some of my Hubs chosen and will now be able to use those Hubs to help evaluate and edit my other work.

  3. How is it you know that “some of your hubs were chosen?” Were you notified recently & privately? Or…Did you read it posted somewhere on our site? Thanks for your reply.

  4. Hi Robin, Thanks for posting so much detail regarding phasing in the editor’s choice hubs. So, as I have been aware that friends and family have had their hubs evaluated already, and have had the e.c. nod, I’m getting a bit concerned. I have many hubs, but have not had one that has been accepted as an editor’s choice. Am I worrying for nothing, or is there something I should know, (i.e. not up to par). Looking forward to your response. –Denise

    1. Hi Denise,

      Don’t get worried. It will take us a long time to get through all the EC Hub candidates and the fact that none of yours have been chosen yet may just mean that we haven’t reviewed any of your Hubs yet. 🙂

  5. How do I know if my hub is under consideration for the editor’s choice criteria? Will I get a notification or something like that?

    1. Hi Souvik,

      There is currently no way to know if your Hubs have been considered or reviewed yet, but if one of your Hubs is chosen, you will see an Editor’s Choice banner next to the Hub’s title in your My Account page. The best way to be sure your Hubs will be considered is to shoot for high-quality Stellar Hubs.

  6. Robin and all the editors,
    Thank you so much for choosing my hub as editors choice!
    Wow, What an honor!

    I am doing the happy dance. I love Hub Pages! I love how this particular Hub has taken on legs.

  7. Hi Robin!

    I am so excited about this (and that the Accolade will be coming soon) and extremely honored that one of my most recent recipe hubs was chosen for this! Thank you!

    Anahi (aka Everymom)

  8. I create hubs that (1) are 1250 words or more, (2) contain 3 or more excellent-quality photos, and (3) are grammatically correct, informative, well-written, and entertaining. Many/most are “featured” but none have ever been granted “Editors Choice”. When I look at other hubs that have been given that accolade, I wonder why? Often many consist of considerably fewer words that 1,250. They contain no glaring errors and have reasonably good photos, but content is nothing amazing.

    However, I see that these “EC” hubbers also have a LARGE following and (hence) a high hubber score. As I have said in the past, “EC” should be a way in which Hub staff recognizes quality writers who need a boost (perhaps we don’t have a huge following because of the particular niche in which we specialize). EC would help us reach more viewers, increase traffic, etc.

    Why heap accolades on people who are already “up there”? I am becoming very disheartened.

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