Howdy, Hubbers! I have a quick announcement. HubPages Exclusive Titles will be retired today. Exclusives were unique, niche titles intended to cover subjects that have not already been exhausted online. Sadly, we’ve found that these titles did not perform as well as we hoped, and they will no longer be available in the Hub Title section of the HubTool.

Why are Exclusives being retired?

  • We found that Exclusive Titles did not perform significantly better than non-Exclusive Titles
  • The restrictive nature of Exclusives made it too difficult for Hubbers to tweak and optimize their titles
  • Exclusive Titles were frequently misunderstood to be a guarantee of search traffic rather than an opportunity to write about something not covered on HubPages
  • Exclusives were not a significantly helpful tool for Hubbers in overcoming writer’s block

What does the retirement of Exclusive Titles mean for Hubbers with Exclusive Hubs?

The good news: if you’ve written Exclusive Hubs in the past, you are now free to edit their titles. You’ll no longer need to email me to request changes. Our Learning Center guide on Creating a Successful, Search-Friendly Title is a great place to start if you want to give the titles of your Exclusive Hubs a bit of TLC. For now, the “EXCLUSIVE” icon on your My Account page will remain visible to indicate which Hubs were originally Exclusives, but we intend to remove that icon in the near future.

What does the retirement of Exclusive Titles mean for Hubbers without Exclusive Hubs?

The Hub Title drop-down menu in the HubTool will soon disappear, so when you create a new Hub, you will no longer have potential titles suggested to you. But if you’ve never used Exclusive Titles or written an Exclusive Hub, the retirement of Exclusives should have very little effect on your experience.

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