A few weeks ago two of our esteemed teacher Hubbers, Lela Bryan and Chuck, were asked to speak about HubPages at a Social Media and Internet Marketing conference in sunny Arizona.  A week before the conference, Lela spoke with Chuck and pulled him on-board to teach the seminar with her.  I couldn’t think of a better duo to represent HubPages!  The conference, put on by Don Crowther, dealt with strategies around social profit and will be available on video for those that missed it!  I spoke with Lela before and after the conference and was so excited to hear how well the seminar went and how HubPages was the only writing platform discussed at the conference.  Their 20-minute seminar gathered 150 people all excited to learn about HubPages and the rewards that can be had on our site. 

Chuck began the presentation relaying how he had first come to HubPages to earn an extra income, but, to his surprise, an extra income was not the only perk.  The networking that he has experienced on HubPages has been amazing.  Even at the conference, Chuck was networking, meeting a fellow author writing a book about pilots that wants to collaborate; Chuck’s Hub on How to Become a Fighter Pilot is hugely successful.  Chuck also talked about his love of writing; how he’d like to retire and use his HubPages earnings toward his retirement; and how amazing the community of writers are at HubPages.

Lela used her time to talk about how to create a hit Hub, like her smoking cessation and the side effects Hub that attracts viewers from all over the world.  Her advice was to create a Hub that is better than other content out on the web – great advice, Lela!  Lela also offered to help new Hubbers and they discussed some long-term teaching opportunities.

You make a great teaching team, Lela and Chuck!  Congratulations on a great conference, and thanks for representing HubPages with such intelligence, style, and grace!

Posted by:Robin Edmondson

4 replies on “Two of our Amazing Hubbers Speak at a Conference about HubPages!

  1. When will the video be available? That is something I would be very interested in viewing. Thanks to Chuck and Lela for doing this. HubPages forever!

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