Fascinating FictionI particularly enjoyed reading this week’s Fascinating Fiction story, The Citizen’s Financial Responsibility Act.  First published as The Citizen’s Financial Responsibility Act by Theo20185 on HubPages, this story has a bit of a Matrix feel to it, plus offers interesting commentary on debt and coporate greed.

I hope you enjoy listening to it!

If there is a fictional short story on HubPages that you think would be great for this podcast, let us know!  We’d also love to hear from you if you are interested in recording your voice reading the Hubs of other fiction authors that have been submitted for the podcast.  So far, Website Examiner and Aficionada have been kind enough to step forward, and they’ve done a fabulous job!


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5 replies on “The Citizen’s Financial Responsibility Act

  1. Oh, my goodness, Simone – I didn’t know we had Kurt Vonnegut writing on HP!! No? Not really? Well, this is that good!

    I wish I knew how to give it about 100 FB Likes. I’ll do what I can, though. Remarkable written, beautifully read.

  2. Great story! Yes, reminds me a lot of either Vonnegut or Harlan Ellison, except this has a happy ending, albeit enticingly twisted. Reading threw me a bit since it’s from a guys perspective, but Simone’s voice is so pleasant to listen to, it didn’t get in the way.
    I think I’ll listen to more of these podcasts, or even volunteer to read some myself!

  3. Yeah, I really like this one, Aficionada. Theo20185 did a bang up job.
    And sorry about my femmy voice, Leland. Hahaa, I wish I could have had a dude record this, but I really wanted to get the story OUT and there aren’t so many Hubbers who have stepped forward to do readings yet! Ah well- glad you enjoyed the story, and I’m about to drop you a line about readings!

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