We’re launching a new podcast (in addition to Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts) called the Online Writing Insider in which experts from the HubPages staff share some tips on writing online.

Since this is our very first podcast in the series, we’re starting with the basics: Creating the Best Online Title.  What are the elements of a good online title? How do they differ form common titles used in the offline world?  Robin and I discuss these points in the podcast.

Is there something you would like us to cover in future podcasts? Let us know in the comments!

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12 replies on “The Online Writing Insider: Tips on Your Title

  1. I have never listened to a “podcast” before, and don’t know exactly what it is.. Is there supposed to be video with it? All I’m getting is audio.

    1. Hi Liz! That’s exactly what a podcast is- just audio (though there are video podcasts). They’re meant to be downloaded and listened to on iPods and other portable music devices 😀

  2. Simply ridiculous.

    1) I don’t like the reaction of HubPages shifting from written to audio just because Pandas eat words and run off at the mouth.

    2) It’s about creating good titles. (The url gives it away.) One surely can’t tell from the HubPages Weekly announcement, where it is abbreviated to “Online Writing Insider.” The author does something similar when announcing contest winners. So-and-so won with a really great title, “yada-yada,” which is a poor paraphrase of the winning title.

  3. Heya Howard S.!

    Positively punctual.

    1) We’re not shifting. We’re adding. Maybe doing a bit of square dancing, too.

    2) Aye, the URL is a bit of a spoil-sport. And aye, the Gentle Author Who Loves to Refer to Herself in the Third Person does do that. With relish.

  4. This Podcast is great to create a awesome title to publish any content. The conversation of this audio is really helpful to create the title. Using this tips, contents can easily ranked to the top of the Google’s search page.


  5. Hi! My name is Ben Greenfield, I’m a hubber, and I’d love to help on the Everyday Expert podcast if you’d like an expert on nutrition, fat loss or human performance. Looking forward to helping out!

  6. Great information! I need all the help I can get and I like the podcasts which I can listen to while multi-tasking…which I am almost always doing.:)

    1. Sinea, I would try the “Download” link above. The YouTube-looking picture will only play audio, but that should work, too.

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