Hey Hubbers,

My name is Jenn and I’m from the Google AdSense team, headquartered in Mountain View, California. I’ve been working with Ren and Jason over the past couple months to figure out how we can help Hubbers optimize their experience with Google AdSense. For those of you already using AdSense on your Hubs, that’s great—HubPages and AdSense work great together, matching a wide range of topical Hubs with a wide range of complementary advertisers. For those of you not yet familiar with AdSense, Google AdSense is a free program that empowers online publishers, like yourselves, to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on a variety of online content (click here to watch a short video about Google AdSense).

Don’t have an AdSense account yet? Sign up now.

In order to get more familiar with HubPages and the Hubber community, I attended a HubCamp in San Francisco (which you should all attend by the way, they’re awesome!) and read through your forums and Hubs. What I’ve learned is that you guys are a curious, smart, lively, entrepreneurial, and amazing bunch of folks that want to know more about how AdSense works and in particular what you can do to make it work the best for you.

As a result, over the next couple of weeks, the folks here at Google AdSense are going to do a series of guest posts on the HubPages blog. The first post will introduce AdSense and how the whole program works. We’d like for all of you, that don’t currently use AdSense, to give it a try and test out the program. Here’s a couple of other points about AdSense that you may have not known:

  • Earn revenue – Monetize the content that you already have on your hub and all the great hubs you’re going to write
  • Simple & easy – HubPages has AdSense already integrated into its site, so its simple and easy to place ads on your hub
  • No risk & no obligation – There’s no minimum term or commitment, and it’s free

In our second post we’ll take a journey into the land of AdSense optimization so you have the tools and tips needed to make your Hubs the most profitable Hubs they can be (who doesn’t want to be all that you can be?!) In our third and last post, we’ll showcase a Hubber that has done well with AdSense and get him/her to hopefully spill his/her secrets.

Because we value our relationship with HubPages and want to make sure we’re answering your questions and getting to the topics that YOU want to know about, please send us your questions to hubpages-adsense@google.com. We’ll keep this email address open for one week starting from today, so go ahead and send us your questions! To quote Jerry Maguire, “help me help you” by sending us your questions so that you can say, sometime very soon, “Google AdSense showed me the money!”

To learn more about AdSense on your own in the meantime before our next post feel free to visit our Help Center or check out the official AdSense blog. If you’re interested in getting started with AdSense right away click on the Earnings tab in your HubPages dashboard and select the “Get Started” button next to Google AdSense.

Get ready, all you amazing Hubbers! We’re going on a fun ride through AdSense land!


Jennifer Bahk has been a member of the Google AdSense team since the fall of 2008. She focuses primarily on AdSense partner development. She enjoys long walks on the beach and the occasional piña colada

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25 replies on “Google’s Jennifer Bahk: HubPages and AdSense

  1. Really glad to see this here, Jenn. I look forward to the tips and the cooperation. My biggest beef with Adsense is only having a limited amount of channels, but I do use Analytics too.

  2. Thank you for this information Jennifer – look forward to hearing more and then as it were learn how to join up the dots to make great money with Adsense! I do have a minor amount coming in but would love it to be much bigger… and I don’t think I am alone in this desire…cheers and thanks again.

  3. Thank you Ms. Jennifer. This is good news for many Hubbers. I look forward to learning more about AdSense, and hope to optimize earnings. HubPages focus is writing first, it is every writer’s dream to make a living which will allow them to write full-time.

    Thank you and Google for making that a possibility.

    aka LillyGrillzit

  4. Thanks for the info, Jenn. I’ve been affiliated with Google AdSense after two months of hubbing (since Sept 2009). I was rejected at first but have been approved for AdSense for Contents. I also received free coupon for Google Adwords and used it as part of the monetization program.
    Although,my AdSense for Domain, Links and Feeds have not been activated, I already received my first payout last Novermber, 2010; then I was waiting for the second next month, April.
    It’s a passive income but I’m happy to contribute hubs to make a change in our world.

  5. Isn’t it that since last month, Google raged a war against content farms and rumor says that Hubpages is one of them and is still in top 5 from sistrix? This was also been featured from CNET.

    If Google Adsense is now in peace with Hubpages well that’s good news.

  6. Jenn – great to see you here and hope we don’t bombard the email you gave us – you may need an army to answer all the questions! Perhaps you can write a Hub with all the answers – or send me the emails and I’ll write a Hub *grin*

    I look forward to the second part of your blog posting!

  7. This is just the pick-me-up that I needed. Great to see members of the adsense team reaching out to the HubPages community. I look forward to reading the upcoming posts and getting some “insider” tips and info.

  8. Jenn – It’s so great to know these two sites are working together to help us all. I am so new to Adsense, I look forward to really learning how to optimize it the best way I can.


  9. @Jenn, amazingly great to see and hear of this cordial relationship between HubPages and Adsense added to HubPages search engine friendliness with Google. Hope you enjoyed your stay with the community of Hubbers at San Francisco HubCamp?

    This is quite encouraging to us Hubbers. Thank you Jenn. I also look forward for the second post…

  10. It’s really nice for AdSense to answer questions us hubbers might have. I personally don’t have any questions, but will check back to the blog in hopes of learning something new from other users’ questions and your answers.

    Thank you,

  11. I am happy to see Google has taken notice of our plight and wishes to help us out. I do feel much more optimistic now after reading your post. Thank you Jenn!

  12. Hi Jenn, It’s so nice to see someone from the Google Adsense team working together with HP and reaching out to the community of writers. As you have seen, we do love our writing platform here and the HubPages staff, who are always giving us great new tools!
    I look forward to finding out more about the ways in which we can work together with the Adsense program.
    Thank you!

  13. Thank you Hubpages and Adsense for cooperate to give more advantage for us, the writers. I always try so hard to produce great content, as well as leading it to create a good source of income.

    Looking forward for this great news. Thanks once again! Both of you rocks. 🙂

  14. I love AdSense and knowing more about using it is such a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing ideas with the writers on HubPages.

  15. @RC – Google is a very big company, a relationship between Google AdSense and Hubpages relates very little to the recent algorithm changes.

    However, I too am pleased to see that AdSense and Hubpages appear to reach out to each other to the potential benefit of both parties.

  16. This is Great News! I cant wait to hear the following posts from the Google Adsense Team! You Guys Are Great! I know this gets deeper than we think!

  17. Jennifer,

    Please help me. Trying to Appeal my Disabled Adsense Account since Aug 2010. I know I did nothing wrong and did not ask anyone to. I am just a Simple SockPuppet on YouTube trying to make people laugh! I was Partner for 3 years on YouTube and I honored that Partnership.

    Please help FREE KIDDSOCK!

  18. Please I want to know at what point of my blogging will I apply for google adsense (monetize my site/blog) or must there be a specific number of post from me before I apply?

    Please I want to know…. Thank you.

    1. Hi David,

      You do have to have a significant sample of your writing before you can be approved for AdSense. I recommend looking up the AdSense policies for your particular region to get a better idea of how much content you need and how long you’ll have to wait.

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