One of the best things about HubPages is you, our amazing community members! We’ve created HubCamps, HubMeets and HubClubs in order to help you become better Hubbers and meet your fellow community members.  Since the terms can be confusing, I thought it would be a good idea to break each one down.

HubCamps: HubCamps are led by the HubPages staff:  myself (Robin Edmondson), Paul Edmondson, Simone Smith, and Jason Menayan.  They are three hour seminars that help you become better Hubbers by giving you instruction on topic selection; writing techniques; ways to make more money on HubPages; how to grow readership organically; insights into the latest SEO expertise; and many more tidbits on how to write great Hubs. They are also a way to meet fellow Hubbers in your area, connect, and share stories.  We typically have a HubPages-hosted social hour after the seminars where we can all chat.  The HubPages staff and I really love HubCamps because it gives us the opportunity to meet Hubbers face-to-face and hear their success stories as well as their areas of confusion.  So far we have been to San Francisco, Hollywood, and New York, and we will be in Atlanta tomorrow and Miami on Saturday.  You can check out other cities we will be visiting on our HubCamp Meetup page.

HubMeets: HubMeets are Hubber-led social meetings.  One of the things we heard from Hubbers at HubCamp was that they wanted to meet their fellow Hubbers. HubMeets are a great way to make this happen!  On our HubMeets Meetup page, Hubbers can either join a community already created in their geographic location, or they can create one. Meetings can be arranged from the community page and Hubbers can elect to meet or not.  Once you are a member of a community, Meetup will email you if another Hubber has arranged a meeting in your area.  We’ve had a few HubMeets already and Hubbers have really enjoyed them.  Some of the meetings were purely social, while others involved discussions about HubPages.  If you’re interested in joining your community or starting one in your area, click here.

HubClubs: HubClubs are for Hubbers that would like to meet on a regular, scheduled basis.  I equate them to a writer’s workshop/book club setting where Hubbers discuss HubPages, perhaps write a bit, and socialize.  We’ve created materials for HubClubs to make it easier and more organized for the group.  The materials are short mini-lessons to lead the discussion and then Hubbers can apply what they’ve learned in their writing.  We see HubClubs as an extension of the HubMeets program, where Hubbers meet for the first time, socialize, then decide to continue to meet and discuss HubPages.  If you’d like more information on HubClubs, click here.

We hope that clarifies things a bit for everyone!  Happy Hubbing!

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