We spend a lot of time talking about the community aspect of HubPages – Most of our blog posts are about improving online writing skills, HubCamps, contests, special programs, social media, and other Hubber-related topics.  These are all great subjects, but there are a lot of really extraordinary things our staff is doing behind the scenes to ensure that HubPages is an amazing place to write online, and I think they deserve a bit of attention as well. 🙂

In his latest iMedia blog post, HubPages CEO Paul Edmondson shares a little peek of the business end of HubPages.  He talks about the doubt the team faced and overcame during HubPages’ first months, the amazing growth the site has experienced, and the amazing community that has developed around it.  He also talks about our hope to build direct relationships with advertisers, so that we can pass on even better rewards to you.

This blog post is the first in a series – I recommend keeping an eye out for future installments!  If HubPages has become a part of your life and you are involved in its community, it never hurts to know more about how the business works and what we’re doing to make your experience as an online writer better than ever.

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8 replies on “The Business End of HubPages

  1. You guys are really doing a great job here, and i am so glad to be among this awesome community of writers. from my search observations, Hubpages has got a lot of internet popularity as well publicity.

    i will say, kudos to all of you guys: the entire HP Teams. More success to your stories…

  2. You folks are doing a great job! Please keep doing the things you are doing.

    I just recently started with HubPages. Having experienced some other writing opportunities on-line, I have noticed how different and how extraordinary HubPages is in comparison and it shows itself through a multitude of happy and successful writers. The tutorials are great and everyone has been so helpful.

    Great Job and Write On…

  3. HubPages allows hubbers to get real traffic for their hard work. Any additional advertising relationships are, of course, a gold mine waiting to be dug!

  4. I love hubpages for its easy to use format and for the opportunity it give to all writers to get published. I’m glad that you are busy behind the scenes making sure writers here get a better deal in the longer run. Thank you. My hubpage is something I really enjoy.

  5. Absolutely right, Simone. You can never learn too much about any organization you’re working with. Great topic!

  6. I only joined hubpages about 6 weeks ago, but have been having a blast here. The people are great and there is always something interesting happening somewhere. Hubhopping has become one of my favorite daytime pastimes.
    I applaud you all for building a community after my own heart: one full of writers and readers – all interesting people, interested in the world around them.

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