We get a ton of specific feedback from the HubPages community through the forums and sent to us directly.  Posts often inform us of features people want and areas of the site that have bugs or aren’t working right.  This feedback is tremendously important to how we plan the development work on HubPages.  This weekend, I sent a short survey to the folks that work at HubPages HQ asking them a few quick questions about our company to help us improve our long term planning.

Here are a few questions, that I’d love to have answered by our community members to help us with our longer term planning as well.

1.  If you were to describe HubPages in less than twenty three words or a short sentence, how would you describe HP?

2.  What does HubPages do that you really like?

3. Where does HubPages have the most opportunity to improve?

4. Is there a missing feature or service as part of HubPages that you need to be successful?

5. Do you tell other people that you’re active on HubPages?  Why or why not?

Please leave your answers in the comment box below.  Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions and helping us improve HubPages.

Posted by:Paul Edmondson

19 replies on “A Few Questions to Answer About HubPages

  1. 1. Hubpages is a place for experienced as well as inexperienced writers to practice their writing, with the opportunity to make money at it at the same time.

    2. There are two things that I really like about hubpages. First, it is so easy to write and publish on hubpages…even for newcomers. Second, I love the contests that happen every 3 or 4 months! They help with writer’s block and give a nice challenge. I am also finding this a very nice community!

    3. I am not that savy in computer stuff, but so far the only thing I have seen that would be nice to be improved is the comment section after each hub. I make comments and then forget about them (and I think others do on my hubs as well). It would be nice if it was set up better to encourage more of an ongoing conversation.

    4. It would be nice to have more opportunities to join with different affiliates.

    5. Yes, I do tell people I am active on Hubpages! This has become one of my favorite hobbies. It took me awhile to let friends and family know that I am writing, but once I did it became easier and now I invite anyone I know to come and read my hubs as well as sign up if they want to write.

  2. very kind and so full of enthusiasm…always ready to encourage
    get me clicks and a chance to write on whatever I want
    more members
    html colors animation
    yes i do so that they read my thoughts what better i can expect

  3. 1). HP is a community wheel of writers encouraging other writers, all members come together as the Hub.
    2). Encouraging, uplifting, HubPages helps members become high content on-line contributors.
    3). HubPages evolves, and I wouldn’t know anything that HP is not doing.
    4). NO
    5). Yes. “I am going to write a Hub about this” It was #1 word on FB.

  4. 1) HubPages is a community of people who share a common goal, to write about what they know and pass it along to the world.

    2) By having such a high ranking with the major search any thing you write will receive more traffic than if you were doing it on your own.

    3) Hub-Pages can improve by allowing more creative freedom within individual hubs, such as more custom html code.

    4) Hub pages may think about giving authors that achieve a certain level of posts and traffic, a larger percentage of AdSense revenue.

    5) Yes.

  5. 1. A dynamic, evolving and inspiring community of new and experienced writers continually motivating each other.

    2. Gives free opportunities for writers of all kinds to express themselves in a positive and helpful environment. I think Hub Pages helps writers to expand their talents and experiences. it certainly boosts their confidence.

    3. Perhaps adding more Hub categories or more sub-categories so that topics are easier to find.

    4. None that I can think of at the moment.

    5. I was a bit shy at first. But other writers on Hub Pages do boost your confidence so now I do. I post my hubs on Facebook and Twitter and have a great time getting feedback. I have also told quite a few people, other than family and friends, that I am writing.

  6. 1. Hubpage is a revenue sharing site that is better than Squidoo.

    2. I love that Hubpages work actively to improve traffic and earning. I noticed other “big” sites just sit back and wait for a check. HP works actively to improve their site with Hubbers. One example is Hubcamp.

    3. Even though HP did a great job with the improved flash-based hub creation, I think there is still work to be done. When you create a hub, you have a list of templates to choose from. I would love it if there was a way to create a custom template and have that saved. I have a routine. For example, every hub I make, I have to add an RSS capsule and edit the comment capsule so that I have to approve comments. If only these templates can be saved so I don’t have do it 50 times each time.

    4. Yes. First of all, I think HP needs to get more affiliates. I live in RI and I can’t get into the Amazon affiliate. Therefore my revenue stream is limited to Adsense. Please get more affiliates. If Amazon doesn’t want me, why not have the option for Barnes & Noble? More affiliates is a win/win. We’ll have more diverse hubs and HP will build more relationships. Oh and ditch Kontera. There’s enough feedback from the forums that says that affiliate stinks.

    5. Yes! All my friends know I’m on HP. I tell them I make money writing and they can’t believe it.

  7. 1. HubPages – perfect site for intellectual socializing. Publish hubs to discuss in the comment sections with co-hubbers – soul-enriching interaction of generous spirits.
    2. Developing in accordance to the needs of hubbers.
    3. Making it easier for hubbers to be agents of Internet shops – not only inter alia Amazone.
    4. Visitors to profiles as well as to hubs to be revealed via avatar of visitor, regardless of the comment section where visitors reveal themselves.
    5. Yes I tell other people that I’m active on HubPages because I want my hubs to be read and the adds on my hubs to be profitable.

  8. 1. HubPages is a community of writers working together to put good quality content on the web.

    2. HubPages provides a quality platform for writers (emphasis on the word ‘quality’.)

    3. More forum participation by HubPages staff would be nice… anything providing regular guidance on ways to be better HubPages writers.

    4. Integrate with more ad networks that can share profits – such as Commission Junction, Linkshare, Google Ad Network, etc.

    5. Yes, absolutely! I want people to know about my writing on HubPages and to have the opportunity to participate. I’m very excited about how great the pages look here.

  9. 1. Hub Pages lets me write about the things I care about and get paid for them.

    2. See #1. 🙂

    3. HP needs more opportunities to make money besides Adsense and Amazon. People would be more encouraged if they could make money faster, and enough money to make a difference in their lives.

    4. I’d like to see HP commission people to write articles and get paid for the articles written. That would be an added income source for people who want to do it, and they could still write their own “revenue share” content.

    5. No.

  10. 1)A site genuinely designed to assist those who can write the opportunity to earn an income
    2).That it delivers what it says, that the community is helpful, and that the staff respond to one when one send them an email.
    3)I can’t see a correlation between the score on my hubs and their performance, so I think it’s inaccurate. This affects my ability to know which of my hubs is really doing well. If I knew that I would focus more on those hubs.
    4)Can’t think of one offhand
    5)Not really. I’m a very private person. That’s why I write under a pen name. 😉

  11. 1. Hubpages is a place where writers can publish their original writing.

    2. It is fairly easy to use, and there is a good community

    3. The Amazon capsule and affiliate options
    The biggest problem with the amazon capsule is that if you select a specific product, and that product is not available, there is no fallback. I.e. it fails, but leaves an empty bit of screen. There should be a tool like the broken links wizard that warns you that an amazon capsule is displaying no products.

    4. It would be hugely helpful if hubpages were to provide Amazon.co.uk affiliates with direct access to their amazon capsule. I know I could write a hundred local English hubs today that would make hubpages a lot of money because there is nothing anywhere near as good as hubpages in the English market.
    Why don’t I do it? There’s no way to monetize them.

    5. I have in the past. But I want to get it all working first, otherwise there is scepticism.

  12. 1) Hubpage is a place to express your love of writting!
    2) I can write on any topic I choose! It gives me room to improve my writing talent!
    3) Other Hubbers can corteque my writing!
    4) No!
    5) Yes!

  13. 1. HubPages is an interesting and engaging community that encourages writers to practice their skills while also providing a chance to make some moola!

    2. HubPages is very user-friendly. It is easy to make a new hub, and easy to find other hubs. Nothing complicate for those who aren’t very computer-savvy.

    3. Perhaps make it a bit more clear as to how many views you have received on a hub (or maybe I’m just blind…).

    4. Nope!

    5. Yes, I tell my friends and family that I am active on HubPages so that they have a chance to see some of my writings as well as this wonderful place.

  14. 1. HP is a great vehicle to earn income while publishing.

    2. HP makes publishing easy. HP updates their software and adapts to changes in the environs.

    3. Metrics. For people to be successful, they need to be able to see trends, ID weaknesses, capitalize on successes. Right now, we can see historical (daily) data for our overall account – or for an individual hub. Once you accumulate a decent amount of hubs, more analytics should be looked at…historical (daily) data per hub group comes to mind initially.

    4. See #3

    5. I have told a few people. Some folks will not take the info well as “writing online” has a stygma about it in different peer groups.

  15. 1. HubPages, an online writing community, allows novice and expert writers, alike, to practice and refine their craft, while earning royalties in the process.

    2. HubPages continually improves its features, making the site more user friendly.

    3-4. I’m very happy with the site, and it works well for me.

    5. I didn’t tell people at first, just because I was new to the site, and new to the concept of succesfully earning money through online writing. As my earnings have increased, I’m telling friends and family. I think that as I do better, they may take me more seriously…my husband was just saying last night that he might want to start writing!

  16. 5. I do tell other people about hubpages. com in the hope they will be enthused to join, especailly fi they are not using any blog at all.
    Hubpages is easy to use for any ‘blogger’, compared to other sites, which I have signed up for and diid not make the same progress as that on hubpages.
    Hubpages encourages users by using a marking system which can be useful, though a a little puzzling at times in its marking of the number of hits and viewes etc. I get the distinct impression that as my progress increases, the marking awarding seems to ‘slow’ down’.
    Uploading is relatively easy also for a beginner and is quick also. Some sites take a long time to upload photos and videos.
    There is a good sense of community also from other users, who seem to obey the rules in general, though I did have a strange request/comment at one stage, which I ignored and which was not repeated.
    Comments made can be encouraging to new users.
    The hopper is a rather good way to get around quicly to view other new hubs quickly.
    The lsuggested links of other topics really helps to keep the interest of follwoing hubs an exciting adventure through the cyberspace.
    Getting accolades is, of course, hugely flattering and especially so if fan mail is received and acknowledged.
    There is a lot to learn from other hubber’s information, which I have put to use.
    Friends who may not want to create a hub, at least look at my site and perhaps will consider entering their own in time.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  17. 1. Hubpages is great for the wanna be, novice or expert writer. Your colors can shine at the hub pages of love.

    2. You can share your colors with the world and keep to yourself at the same time.

    3. Why not have more interviews with the ‘little guy’ that has worked very hard rather then the ‘Good Ole Guys’ that are praiseworthy and well known at hubpages. How about a thumbs up for the little guy that is worthy at the hubs of love? The interviews seem to be in the hubpages ‘clique’ Everyone makes up the hub pages community.

    4. When new writers sign up under me they can not use my tracker I have tried to fix it to no avail. Amazon fired affiliates in Colorado and several states is there a similar affiliate program?

    5. I tell many about hubpages. On the back of my business card I have my site name. It has worked very well. Sooner or later most do go for a read. Some have stayed. Some just keep coming back to read all the talent.

  18. I like the fact the fact that no other writing site has a staff base like HP. You guys always give support to publishers. Staff really get involved in all areas and are not just out there to grab the dollars – always making room for improvements.

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