People come to write on HubPages for all sorts of reasons, and those who make an effort are rewarded in just as many ways. Hubbers have enjoyed a large and constructive audience to help improve their writing, and several Hubbers have even gone on to get books published. Other Hubbers have had their work noticed by the national media, and have been asked to speak on the air, and others have participated in fun, Hubber-led initiatives like the Dark & Stormy Night contest and HubTrails.

Many, if not most, Hubbers come to HubPages because they can earn money off what they publish here. And while we certainly don’t bill HubPages as a get-rich scheme, those Hubbers who have made an honest effort at publishing many high-quality Hubs have been rewarded financially, as well. Traffic to their Hubs has continued to grow years after they’ve published them, so that their passive earnings have also grown, too, even when they’ve taken some time off.

Here’s stephhicks68‘s traffic graph, which illustrates this beautifully:


Most of Steph’s Hubs were published early on after she signed up. However, her traffic has continued to grow, from about 500 Hub views per day during her initial publishing period, to about 6 times that today.

Let’s take a look at another.

Jstankevicz, a true HubPages veteran (I think he’s been around longer than me!), took a 2 1/2 year hiatus from HubPages, but his traffic didn’t drop. In fact, during his time away, it slowly grew.


As he describes in his Hub on the matter, he likens Hubbing to gardening: you do the bulk of your labor at the beginning, but then patiently wait for the returns to start rolling in. For years, like a solid apple tree.

Thirteen Hubbers have generously shared their stories—including their traffic graphs and their earnings history—as well as other rewards they’ve enjoyed beyond the traffic and earnings. Check out the HubPages Success Stories page for some inspiration, and a reminder why you shouldn’t give up too early!

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8 replies on “Success Stories: Perseverance and Patience Pay Off

  1. This is encouraging, thanks for the information. I came to HubPages because writing is my passion and the fact that I am not confined to one subject really impressed me. I love writing about whatever comes into my mind on any given day. I so appreciate the opportunities and learning experiences that HubPages gives me.

  2. Thank you for this post. Although I only joined Hubpages about 6 weeks ago, I initially post a ton of hubs and thought that they either had to be seen right away or would fade away unnoticed. The last 2 weeks I’ve been so busy that I’ve barely been able to get on hubpages, but I’ve noticed the traffic increasing as well as comments and followers. I now have 4 followers whereas I only had 1 during the first 4 weeks. I’m excited about Hubpages and the community and hope to be a productive member for a long time!

  3. This is truly inspiring. I actually started and wrote my first hub just a few days ago. So this article did come at a really good time.

  4. My traffic continues to grow, too, although with inevitable downs in between. My followers are growing, topo when I finally braved myself to join the HubMob after a year of hubbing! Thanks, Jason!

  5. This is exciting! I am in awe of so many successful hubbers. They are role models to me. I am proud to announce that hubpages has given me the inspiration to publish my very own children’s book. This would not have happened without hubpages giving me the opportunity to speak my mind. I foresee a very bright future with hubpages! Thanks Hubpages for giving all hubbers a unique opportunity in becoming successful.

  6. I like success story because we can learn from it and we can proceed. I always read Success story and its my person choice.

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