With this installment of HubPages Behind the Scenes, HubPages’ very own Larry Freeman shares his experience with creating and working on the HubPages iPhone app!  If you listen carefully enough, you can hear Ren in the background 😉

If you don’t already have our fabulous iPhone app (which, BTW, is totally free), you can download it here.

Also, you might be interested in a more detailed walkthrough of the current iPhone app features that Larry shared earlier on the HubPages blog, and you might also like to have a peek at Appceletator’s Titanium software development kit that Larry mentions in our interview.

As you’ll see in the interview, Larry is already hard at work on some awesome new features that shall come to the app soon, so keep checking back- plenty of awesomeness is in store.

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6 replies on “HubPages Behind the Scenes: Larry and the HubPages iPhone App

  1. I tried 3 times to watch this video but that huge hair bow was just too cool! and I couldn’t concentrate….next time could you have a sign on your bow that reminds me to listen to what’s being said?

    The iphone app does look and sound cool being serious though….not yet got an iphone, must get one soon, it’s on my list of stuff to get!!

  2. Simone is so cute, I love watching her videos.

    I have the Hubpages app on my iPhone, got it the day it was available. My favorite feature is that when I get a comment I can go right into the app and read it and approve of it. Really, that’s the only thing I use it for.

  3. Awesome I live by iPhone, will there be a option to write hubs for the app or edit already non published hubs. Food, Work, Play and iPhone is there more? Will be watching for updates!!!!

  4. Hi BW,

    We are planning to eventually add the ability to write/edit hubs to the iphone app but it may take some time. For the next update, the newest feature will be photos and more types of notifications.



  5. Thanks for the heads up about the iPhone app for Hubpages. I have just downloaded it.

    I noticed it does not have a single rating so I will make sure I rate it, good or bad.

    Simone, you look like a cute pussy cat with that big hair bow. Cute.

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