Last week, we introduced the new HubPages mobile app for the iPhone.  We had announced that this was coming 4 months ago so it was very nice to see it made available.  I thought that it would be useful to provide a walk through of the current features and list out what’s coming next.

To use the application, you will either need to have a HubPages account or you will need to sign up for one.  The application is free.  To sign up from the application, just click the “join” button at the top right.

The 0.1 version of the application includes three features which each appear as tab buttons:

  • Feed:  a mobile version of the HubFeed.
  • My Account: stats and ability to moderate comments, fan mail, and requests.
  • Hopper: a mobile version of Hub Hopper.

To switch between any of these features, just click on the tab button.

Mobile Feed

The application  starts up displaying the mobile feed.

It has the “What’s on your mind” tab at the top which allows you to Create a Status Update, Ask a Question, or Post to Forum.  If you click on “What’s on your mind”, you will see the following:

For each feed item, if you click on the plus-sign at the right of the feed item, you will see more choices.

Depending on the item, the menu allows you to add comments, view the existing comments for the feed item, report an issue to the HubPages staff, share the item with those following you on the feed, or indicate that you like an item.

For example, if you would like to participate in a forum.  You could select “View Posts” and then you get to the following feed item page:

In the above example, you can reply to the post by clicking on “Write a reply…”

Mobile My Account

When you click the “My Account” tab, you are presented with a menu that will look something like this:

You can quickly tell if you have any comments or fan mail to moderate or any requests.  A red number on the tab tells you how many items that have not yet been reviewed.

For example, here’s what it looks like if after you have decided to approve a fan mail received:

For requests, you can provide a short answer from your phone.  For comments, you can reply with a new comment:

The “Hubs” menu item allows you to see the latest stats on your published hubs.  You can sort by score, title, and views and you can  filter the list by rising or falling traffic.

If you click on the hub’s title, you go to a Hub Detail Page that allows you to see the daily, weekly, monthly, total stats, and a graph.

Hub Hopper

The Hub Hopper allows you check out recently published hubs.  The hopper will automatically focus on categories and hubbers that you are following.

To see another hub, click the blue “Hop!” button.  To go back to a hub you just saw, click the “Previous” button.  You can rate the hub by clicking “up” or “down”.  If you prefer to use adjectives, click on the “more” button for additional rating options:

Future Features Planned

We are now in the process of planning of the next release of our iPhone application.

Here are the features that are currently planned:

  • Android Support: We are planning a HubPages mobile app for Android.
  • Photos: it should be easy to upload photos from your phone to HubPages
  • Hub Tool Lite: it should be easy to write simple hubs that conist of text and images only.
  • Search: It should be easy to do a search from the application
  • More Notifications: Notifications when a user responds to a forum post or a question asked, etc.

If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see, please let us know.  Feel free to request a feature here or to provide a comment to this blog post.

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8 replies on “The New HubPages iPhone App: A Walk Through of Its Features

  1. Excellent to know that an Android app is coming – especially as most trend reports show Android growing and the iPhone shrinking in terms of usage share and it is good to see Hubpages recognising this early!

  2. Looks like it has a lot of potential already! Im excited for the update but I’d rather see the android version first 😀

    Any eta for the updates?

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