Payout Chronicles

If you’ve ever frequented the forums, you’re sure to know Cagsil, one of the most well-rounded Hubbers. (Take a look at his Accolades to get a snapshot of his activity since he started less than a year ago.) I learned recently from a forum thread that Cagsil hit his first AdSense payout recently. It seemed like as good a time as any to pose a few questions to Cagsil about his experience at HubPages so far.

1. The first payout is probably the most memorable for most Hubbers, even though it always takes the longest. You've been with HubPages for 7 months now, and have published 82 Hubs. How does this payout match against your expectations?

It matched my expectations, because it's based on my effort and learning of HubPages. It is not based on bring referrals exclusively to a program, like many others, even though traffic could be increased through referring others. [That] it was not a requirement is what I liked most.

2. You have a mix of types of Hubs – a lot of cerebral opinion pieces, as well as a handful of picture galleries. What's the motivation behind the different types of content?

The motivation I used was one of the oldest known in marketing and advertising: sex sells. The photo hubs I have are responsible for 90% of the revenue, while 5% comes from my poems and the remain 5% comes from my life topic hubs. The message I bring to the table is one of equality and individual self-responsibility, for which, has been lacking in many ways. It is absolutely important people realize that equality starts with being self-responsible about their own actions. Should their actions be harmful to others, then most likely they will not be able to maintain forward growth, because accountability will end up stopping them. My own purpose of life is about maintaining a certain level of integrity people can identify, just by looking and to be an example for others to emulate.

3. A quick look at your Accolades shows you're quite an accomplished Hubber. You have over 500 followers, you're known for both commenting on others' Hubs and for having plenty of discussion on your own Hubs, and you answer a lot of Questions. What type of activities do you enjoy most on HubPages?

I enjoy the forums the most, because of the interactive nature and simplicity.

4. Now that you've hit the first $100 milestone in terms of payout, what are your goals going forward? Anything you plan on doing differently?

My goal is continue learning more about SEO and to display as many of the misconceptions that have been created, so as to distract others from the truth about what is actually happening and causing problems in their life, even if they do not see it happening. I will continue to explore other opportunities as they arise and work on my business model, so I can refine it and make it an excellent form of supportive assistance for others.

5. How does HubPages figure into your whole online presence? Do you use social media elsewhere? Do you have a blog, and are you active on Twitter or Facebook?

I am presently using HubPages platform to make my own presence known, as a person/writer/voice of reason and to create substantial revenues I can use for other purposes, other than supplying myself with earnings. Much of the revenue made from HubPages is leveraged, so as to create more. Thus, making money work for me instead of doing nothing with it. I am presently using Facebook under the same name. I am also on twitter as Cagsil too. I presently write articles pertaining to my hubs at RedGage as well. I also have a blog, which can be used for holding discussions on any of the topics I write about or other problems not presently written about.

6. If you were approached by a new Hubber, who told you that they wanted to make a little extra money writing online but that they wanted to still enjoy the process, what would you advise him/her to do?

I would tell them to write about things that they know themselves. Things they have experience with and to remain honest as possible. I would also inform them that they need to not rush, but produce quality content over quantity. I would also guide them to quite of few of the more knowledgeable hubbers, such as Sunforged, Thisisoli, RyanKett, Relache, Nelle Hoxie, Frogdropping, Darkside, MyWebs and point out that these veteran Hubbers provide support of HubPages community with regards to inside track of HubPages success.

7. Finally, what is something you'd like to share with the community about your experience so far as a Hubber? How has your interaction with the site changed since you began 7 months ago?

I am the most impressed with HubPages' ability to constantly listen to the community of hubbers who do take an active role. When changes come through the changes are not a final result, until reviewed by others, assessed and modified, which makes HubPages one of the most versatile platforms for writers to do their own creative work. I have not disagreed with any of the changes HubPages' staff/admin has given to the community and it's supportive staff is/has been one of the best I have ever dealt with online. I have been active in the community from day one and haven't looked back since. I presently have close to 20,000 posts in the community forum and I adore most of the people I come in contact with.

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24 replies on “The Payout Chronicles: Cagsil hits his first $100 AdSense payout!

  1. Awesome, Cags! You certainly deserve a monthly payout and now your this much closer.

    I love that you took this opportunity to put some positivity into the world, you certainly seem to practice an attitude worth emulating

  2. Congratulations on your first payout Cagsil. You have proven that patience and perseverance is the key to earning with Hubpages. I look forward to reading more of your in depth and detailed hubs.

  3. I also recently got my first $100 adsense check. I’ve been with hubpages a year and a half. I find that it’s not so much quantity as it is quality. If you can write a few really great articles that a lot of people want or need to read, you will see results. Rather than writing a bunch of random, meaningless hubs…

  4. I vividly remember the constructive comment and advice that cagsil gave to me when I first published my first hub about five months back.
    He definitly deserve the rewards. I hope to reach my first payout by this month.
    Congrats to you Cagsil and Cheers!

  5. Simply put – couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Well done Cags. One of life’s good guys and someone to look to in relation to honor and integrity. Also known for having a little fun on the QT! *bump*

  6. congrats!! Hoping to be there soon myself. But in the mean time what a great place for self expression.

  7. I’ve been trying to make money on the internet for years. I came across your site on yahoo and have been reading through it. We share a lot of the same methods. I’ve been having great of sucsess with Hubpages recently, you should checkthem if you haven’t already.

  8. $100 is not much but it depends on the writer. If the writer just loves writing then $100 means nothing to him then if the writer loves to earn then this is a problem. $100 way to low. Like me, I once focused 100% on making money with adsense and yes I did earn $13k in a month.

  9. “congrats and Thank You”…. I am a new comer to hubs,just getting started,I enjoy writting,and feedback. I wish many more to you………. Have A Blessd Day

  10. This is really good news, thanks for sharing your story with us. I bet you are just really fired up with enthusiasm and will be writing plenty more hubs. You inspire us too!

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