By Mothers&Daughters on flickr
By Mothers&Daughters on flickr

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and I don’t have a gift yet! Everywhere I looked this morning, I saw signs and ads for flowers, bath salts, and cards. The problem is that my mom doesn’t like any of the highly-marketed gifts that people usually give. She is very unmaterialistic, which is noble and all, but it makes buying her a gift nearly impossible.

My mom thinks that cards are an expensive waste of paper. She doesn’t like to get flowers, because they die so quickly. I don’t think she wants plants or knick-knacks, either, because she has too many of those already. My mother loves chocolate, so you’d think that buying her a fancy box of chocolates would be the perfect gift … but you’d be wrong, because for some bizarre reason she only likes the cheap Hershey’s stuff and she buys that for herself.  Whenever someone buys her jewelry, she gushes about how much she likes it and then never wears it again. I’ve tried giving her bath salts, but her bath tub is so full of my niece’s toys that she always showers instead.

Last year for Mother’s Day, I knew that I had to try something different, so I gave my mom a gift certificate for a massage. I love getting massages, so I thought for sure that she would like it, too. But it took her almost a year to make the appointment, and that was after I bugged her about it for months. Afterward, when I asked her how the massage was, she said only that “it was okay.”

Almost everyone says that their mom is hard to buy for, but I think that my mother is more difficult than most. This is beginning to sound like I’m complaining about my mom, which isn’t my intent. On the contrary, my mom is an amazing woman who has always gone the extra mile for me. (For example, she moved into my dorm room to take care of me when I broke my ankle in college. Without her help, I would not have graduated on time.) My mom is awesome, which is precisely why I want to give her a gift this Mother’s Day that she will actually enjoy.

Although I still haven’t found the perfect gift, I thought that these Hubs were useful in my search:

  • SweetiePie suggests painting a picture for your mom, and provides step-by-step instructions. I’m seriously considering something like this, but I’m afraid that my mom might actually display the result in her living room, which I’m sure would be embarrassing.
  • Blake Flannery has some great suggestions for what to write in a Mother’s Day card. If I end up making a card myself, then I will definitely read this Hub carefully.
  • Habee has a Hub about inexpensive gifts for Mom. She suggests cooking dinner for your mother, and I would absolutely do this if my mom wasn’t 600 miles away.

Please leave a comment if you’d like to share what you are doing for your mom or wife this year, or if you have any ideas for me. Happy early Mother’s Day to all of the moms on HubPages!

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5 replies on “The Race to Find (or Make) a Mother’s Day Gift

  1. You have some excellent ideas here for Mothers Day. I wish my Mom was alive. I never appreciated or valued her much when she was alive, but now i miss her a lot.

  2. A friend of mine received what she felt was the best gift ever. Her daughter wrote a blog post telling what she loves about her mom. It was sweet and funny and so wonderful since this daughter had been somewhat difficult to raise. I found myself rather jealous and wishing my kids would tell me what they like about me.

  3. You can check out my shop for a gift, or do what I did one year-I wrote a poem for my Mother, cut it out and decoupaged it onto a small piece of wood. She cried, she was so touched and she never cried! You can find the poem on one of my hubs about Mothers.


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