Any Texas-based Hubbers going to PubCon South/Dallas this year? It takes place next week, April 13-15, at the Richardson Conference and Civic Center.

HubPages’s CEO, Paul Edmondson, will be speaking at the event, delivering a presentation entitled How to Start and Grow a User Generated Content Community. I’m sure you can guess which user generated content community he’ll be talking about. Paul’s presentation is on Tax Day, April 15, 2:55-4:10pm.

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As someone who has attended PubCon, there is no other better event to learn intermediate to advanced SEO techniques and to network with other prominent personalities, such as Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz), Aaron Wall (SEObook) and Google’s Matt Cutts.

Hope you can join Paul there!

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5 replies on “Paul Edmondson speaking at PubCon South/Dallas

  1. I’ve been examining online content-producing communities for the last few days and cannot see anything that comes up to the standards of HubPages. Some sites are fairly good and rather well-laid out, but many are filled with what looks likes people wrote “just anything”, instead of solid informational or even entertainment pieces about a specific topic. Congratulations, Paul, on this speaking engagement! We’ll be waiting to hear about audience response.

  2. Sweet Mr. Pages. Make sure to take your glowing halo of ideas that projects your thoughts across it like a hologram. Sucks I didn’t get to see you when I went to Hub Central.

  3. Paul, I wish I could attend as I would love to hear what you have to say in person. I think HubPages are great. I have written articles on other sites, plus have a website, but there is a sense of camaraderie here that seems to be absent elsewhere and the quality of so many hubs is outstanding. I just want to say WOW them with you knowledge (as I know you will). I wish you well.

  4. Matt Cutts wont be at this event, which is a shame because Dallas is not far from here and he is one of teh few figures in the SEO world who I would like to talk to face to face.

    Check out the president of SEOmoz though, suddenly have a desire to question everything I have ever read on that site!

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