Although I’m not here right now (I’m at my partner’s brother’s wedding), through the magic of WordPress‘s timestamp feature, this post should be published at precisely noon (Pacific), at the halfway point of the Helpful Health Hubs contest.

Two weeks down, two more to go!

Right now, voting for the next People’s Choice Award begins on the health page! There are 10 excellent contenders up. Please have a look at them and vote for your favorite. 48 hours later, voting will end and a winner will be named, and they’ll receive a $100 prize!

At the same time, our panel of esteemed judges are determining their favorite diet and weight loss Hub, and we’ll announce who will be the winner on Wednesday. That winner will also be awarded with $100, and be in contention for the grand prize of $1,000 at the end of the month.

Those of you who have been health-hubbing, kudos on a job well done. Haven’t started yet? It’s not too late!

This week’s topic: Exercise & Fitness

Today’s (specific) topic: Choosing a Workout (you can begin an auto-categorized Hub using this link)

Remember! Choosing a Workout Hubs must be published before noon tomorrow (Pacific) to be eligible. At noon every day, the topic changes. See the full calendar here.

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