Many of you may already know that the Super Bowl is the most watched event on TV, but it’s possible that the most asked question on the internet is what time does the Super Bowl kick off (This page had over 400 views yesterday).

With all the content on HubPages about the Super Bowl, it’s interesting to see the Super Bowl traffic ramping up.  It makes sense because everything you need for a Super Bowl party can be found here on HubPages. Easy appetizer ideas, drink recipes, and even some snacks picked just for the  Super Bowl are all right here.  I’ve been looking for a great chicken wing recipe to bring to our friends Super Bowl Party – Thanks John D Lee.

Once all the food is ready, don’t forget to pick a Super Bowl winner.  You may not know it, but HubPages has an active football forum as well.

Enjoy the game!

Posted by:Paul Edmondson

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