It’s a Thanksgiving tradition to share the things for which we’re thankful.  Tomorrow, among family and friends, I’ll do so on a personal level, but sitting here in the office today, I’m struck by how much HubPages has to say thanks for, as a company.Thanksgiving_postcard_circa_1910

HubPages is so blessed to have an amazing user base, and we’re thankful for them for so many reasons.  As Community Manager, much of my work has to do with finding and removing the “bad stuff,” but in reality most of it is created by a very small percentage of our users.  It’s easy to get frustrated by a spammer creating multiple accounts, or a troublemaker in the forums, but looking at the big picture, I truly believe that most Hubbers are kind, genuine, helpful human beings, sincerely invested in the HubPages community.  If I didn’t think so, I’d be much less able to handle the more negative aspects of the job.

I’m grateful to all of you on a daily basis, for your encouragement (such as when we broke the Quantcast Top 100, your enthusiasm (as evidenced by your perseverence in voting daily for HubPages in the Open Web Awards… which you can still do!), your senses of humor (which run rampant in the Sandpit), your valuable feedback (yes, we do take it into account!), and your fascinating content (the driving force behind the site).

There’s another thing we’re especially grateful for today, particularly because we’re losing it.  In just a few minutes, those of us who haven’t already headed off for the holiday will be taking our beloved Communicator of Awesomeness, Ryan “Hup” Hupfer out for his last lunch as a HubPages employee.  Hup’s contributed so much to HubPages over the last year and a half, both visibly on the site, and here in the office.  He’s promised to check in on us every once in a while, but we’ll miss his hard work, his exuberance, his laughter, and, of course, his dog.  😉  We wish him good luck and success in all his endeavors.

So thank you Hup, thank you Hubbers, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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6 replies on “Happy Thanksgiving from HubPages!

  1. Maddie i second your comment and sadly Ryan will be missed by many of us good bye ryan and good luck in your new posting you are a friend and you will always be here …..jimmy

  2. As a hubber, I thank the HubPages team right back for the great work that they invest in the site and so provide hubbers with this opportunity to thrive according to their ability and perseverance. I think that one of the most challenging tasks is forum moderation, because the moderator is exposed to and must put up with most of the negative aspects of the interaction. And for this special thanks to Maddie Ruud.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Maddie Ruud and everyone involved with hubpages in any way. This is the first time I am celebrating Thanksgiving Day as a member of hubpages and it is truly a blessing. Thank you everyone. Ryan I wish you the best, and it is sad to see you go.

  4. What a fantastic community to be a part of! I’m grateful for the opportunity to work hand in hand with so many talented writers and have such great support from the HP Staff! Thank you!

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