Each week we have two very awesome things called the HubMob and HubNuggets that go on here at HubPages and they’re both really fun ways to promote awesome Hubs, meet other Hubbers and to get a little more involved in the HubPages community. Whether you’re joining in the latest HubMob or voting for this week’s hot and tasty batch of HubNuggets, getting involved in these types of HubPages traditions will only make your experience just that much more fun.

If you’re looking to check out what I’m talking about, here is how you can find this week’s super-sweet installments:

This week’s HubMob: It’s All About Men!

This week’s HubNuggets: Roundup at the HubNuggets Coral

Keep on having fun, Hubbers!

…and now, for your viewing pleasure, a random video of a cat jumping into boxes:

Posted by:HubPages Admin

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