I just saw this post in the forums a few minutes ago and had to let all of you know about it. Basically, a Hubber named NGRIA Bassett has come up with a pretty cool idea — the creation of a Hubdictionary that would be a place for all of our HubPages-esque terminolgy to live so that all of us Hubbers could be in the know when it comes to speaking the HubPages language. Here are a few of the first Hubdictionary terms that she posted:

hubsnob— Shuns hubbers
hubrun — A winning hub
hubplaya–A guy who picks up female hubbers
hubmom— Stay at home hubber
huberlicios–A tasty hub
hubtastic— Afantastic idea
hubbiction–Addiction to hubbing
hubble— Checks out the space
hubitis–An irritating hub

If you have some that you would like to add to the list, feel free to post them over here in the forums and of course, as always, creativity and ridiculousness are both highly encouraged. 🙂

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6 replies on “Add Your HubPages Terminology To The Hubdictionary

  1. hubbable–the quality of being friendly and welcoming to other hubbers
    huboquette–attractive female who cleverly flirts with male hubbers
    Hub to Nowhere–hub article with no discernible point

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