I know, I know — usually surveys are neither short nor sweet, but I promise that this one is just as advertised. Basically what I’m trying to do is crawl into the heads of Hubbers such as yourself, dig around a bit and see if there is any useful information that me and the rest of the HubPages team can use to help give you and the rest of the Hubbers out there the best experience that’s humanly possible with the time and other resources that we have to work with.

So, when you get a couple minutes to burn in your oh-so-busy-life that I know is already stuffed to capacity with more than enough to fill the 24 hours that we have in a day, please head on over to this Hub, check out the 4 survey questions and give us the most truthful answers that you can. Also, since posting this handy-dandy little survey it seems that many Hubbers are also giving us their thoughts in the comments as well, so feel free to do the same if you feel like your thoughts and/or opinions can’t be summed up in 4 simple multiple choice questions. Here are a few of my favs so far if you need an example to kick-start your creativity a bit:

From the always entertaining Marye Audet:

Personally, Ryan, I would love to see you guys come up with a tool that, when a hub was stolen and reprinted, the plagarist’s screen would say “YOU ARE A THIEF” and then the website would self destruct…5…4….3….2…

other than that..you guys are doing great.

And another from VioletSun:

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to answer the survey. I joined Hubpages to refine my writing skills, and in the process connected to other hubbers; its been a great experience, reason why I am still here. I would like to have the option to do some HTML with my hubs. At times, I would like to change the font style and color of a sentence or title for emphasis.

Haven’t made that much money, but its okay, the rewards of being here are great!

And one last (and slightly odd) comment from Daniel Carter:

Thanks, Ryan. You do good junk. 🙂 I want to come and meet you guys one of these days. I would bring bubble gum and Britney posters for all.


Thanks again for all of your help with this and remember — help me help you!

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