A blog post caught my eye the other day and I thought that I would post it up here so that everyone else could check it out, too. The blog is called Christian Personal Finance and it’s run by a guy named Bob who is all about helping others figure out their finances. He says that the blog is “a resource for Christians to get practical tips, biblical revelation, and wisdom about how to handle our personal finances” and he does this by posting all types of tips and information about things that he’s learned over the years.

One of his latest posts is about HubPages and how he made $47.14 in the month of July after only publishing just 23 Hubs (he has 24 now). He admits that he doesn’t know much about keyword research and that about 5 of his Hubs generate about 90% of his earnings. he has some great tips about how to publish Hubs with high potential and if you get a chance it’s definitely worth a quick read. If you want to connect with Bob on HubPages, you can hit him up through his profile here.

If you ever see any awesome blog posts like this one (or if you write one), please let us know — we’d love to write about your success stories, too!

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12 replies on “Another Great HubPages Success Story — $47.14 With 23 Hubs

  1. $47.14 is chump change. Hubpages is great and all, but there are much better ways to make revenue online. Affiliate marketing and blogging with Adsense are just two alternatives.

  2. $47.14 isn’t much. If that is considered a great success story, it shows how pathetic is the prospect of getting good earning through hubpages.

  3. With only 24 Hubs, only some responsible for the earnings, and the way earnings on HubPages tend to “snowball” in time, congratulations to Bob. In response to the previous comment on here, the world is full of ways to make money online and off; and what works well for one person won’t work well for someone else. Bob is clearly someone who has gotten off to a very promising start on HubPages, and it would be interesting to hear from a Bob a year from now and see who thinks his earnings (which will come from Hubs he wrote once and let sit and earn) are “chump change”.

    For the person with 24 Hubs, $47.13 in one month within the context of HubPages is excellent. Bob has obviously written some very successful Hubs, and I don’t get demeaning what is obviously a sign that Bob will most likely do very well on HubPages.

  4. Congatulations to Bob. This is further proof that you can earn money with Hubpages in a relatively short amount of time with relatively few hubs.

  5. I partly agree with Lisa. People want instant gratification. No one ever wants to take the time to build or cultivate something in order to generate income. However, Project Swole makes a valid point. The point, I believe, is that there is more than one way to make money online if you’re going to attempt to make any money at all that way. So, kudos to Bob for finding Hub Pages, which is just one of the ways that is obviously working for him.

  6. @ProjectSwole

    The alternatives you mention are essentially what HubPages is. A place to earn from adsense and affiliate marketing within the context of content. HP provides simple and FREE platform with excellent search engine standing in exchange for a small cut of revenues.

    Excellent perspective and thoughts Lisa HW, and congrats to Bob!

  7. One alternative blog which seems to show the snowball effect well is http://www.bloggerdollar.com. I believe the person in question has been posting monthly earnings updates for a long time. There has been an increase in earnings generally month on month and last month well over $100 was made from what I think is only about 50 hubs. This blog is the inspiration for my own personal blog on which I have been tracking my monthly updates, but for the much shorter period of about 6 months.

  8. Thank you Matt for the comment. On the last months I have a steady earning over 100$ with AdSense and also I have spent a 100$ cheque on Amazon. Thank you Hubpages. I hope I can quit my day job one day:)

  9. I write on HP and find it quite telling that they took down the hubpages success stories page down where they showed the stories of hubbers who made more than a few hundred dollars per month. The constant changes are driving down traffic and earnings for a large number of hubbers and many are constantly complaining in forums and the Q & A section on the site and off of it. I agree with E. that people can get paid $15, $20, or more UP FRONT for a single article rather than getting less than $2 per month for several years.

    1. Hi Pat,

      Because of the current online writing environment and the changes Google has made, earning money from HubPages is more of a long-term investment these days. Becoming successful as an online writer requires a great deal of patience and dedication in order to start earning.

  10. Yes, you guys are right, most writers prefer to scoop a whole one time earning on their work. I was among them but after your comments, I think am starting to see things rightly!

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