Yesterday I was knocking out some sweet HubPages stuff when all of a sudden Jay Reitz (one of HubPages founders) walked in and told us to get on upstairs so that we could surprise/embarrass our fearless leader here at HubPages, the one and only Mr. Paul Deeds, with a cake for his birthday. I’m always up for a little surprise and I’m definitely always up for embarrassins Paul, so I jumped up and ran upstairs so that I didn’t miss any of the upcoming festivities.

Well, we iced up the cake, set 34 candles on fire and surprised our unsuspecting leader. What do you think, does he look surprised at all? I think so. Check out the video below or over here on YouTube.

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16 replies on “A Birthday Surprise For Paul Deeds, HubPages’ Fearless Leader

  1. Happy birthday! Paul Deeds. You got a wonderful family up there and a great community right here. I wish you many fruitful and happy years.

  2. WOW!! That was indeed a nice surprise. We all love hub pages for the wonderful community feeling. Thanks Paul and everyone else at HP for being so responsive and caring. I love hubpages.

  3. Happy Birthday..! Paul Deeds
    Wishing you all the best and success. God Bless You and your family
    Hubpages is great ..:)

  4. Happy Birthday !!! 34? my,my,my I am only 1 year old there you.
    Enjoy and I have to admit I loved the video.:)

  5. Wow, all those candles. I have many more on my cake. When I played the video, my dog beat me with a a cheerful woof. A very happy birthday to Paul Deeds from my dog and I…my dog and me, no my dog and I…it’s too early. Many Happy Returns. A great video, Ryan.

  6. At 34 you are doing a great job. You have a long way to go… and thanks for adding some money into our Bank Accounts.

  7. hi,
    my belated b’day wishes on ur 3 and 4 years of ur stay
    long face,with a long hat and u a tall man sitting in a cut short place,a good shot,
    wishes in the name of jesus who created u so hand somely and made u to put up in all long things

  8. Hey, nice singing, yummy chocolate cake, and lots of FIRE!
    Happy Birthday to you Paul, from a happy almost newbie!
    Best wishes for many more wonderful ones!!

  9. So what flavor was the cake? Was it a chocolate cake? I’ve always been searching for cakes that tasted like the local bakery made when I was a kid . . . still haven’t found one . . .


    Happy whole year and let me be the first to wish you happy birthday for next year’s day rather than a belated wish 🙂

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