Sometimes I’m amazed at what Hubbers can get out of writing on HubPages besides a little extra cash in their pocket. I’ve heard of celebrity encounters and other not-so-normal happenings because of a seemingly innocently published Hubs, but when I was reading a forum called Thank You Hub Hubpages I read about something that I’ve never heard of happening to a Hubber. For the first time (that I know of) HubPages had somehow connected a Hubber named fortunerep with her long, lost uncle. This happened after she published a Hub titled I Googled My Uncle Ross and somehow, miraculously, her uncle not only found her Hub she wrote about him, but he also commented on it so that they could connect up. Ah, behold the power of Googling yourself. 🙂

Also, I guess that it’s also worth mentioning that her uncle Ross isn’t just a normal uncle, he’s also a once world Karate and kickboxing champion. Check out the video below to see him in action and I’ll be sure to update you with any other awesome HubPages happenings that I hear about.

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