On Monday, for the first time, we surpassed 1 million hubs viewed in a single day.

According to Quantcast, HubPages is now #146 on the most visited US web sites.

In my view, this is really great recognition of the interesting topics that are daily being published on HubPages.Ā  We are community-powered content.

So, all you Hubbers out there, great work!Ā  šŸ™‚

Posted by:HubPages Admin

29 replies on “HubPages is now a top 150 US Web Destination

  1. Congratulations! This is just the beginning guys. With such a awesome site and a wonderful community of writers we can only get better. Keep it up.

  2. Congrats! Hubpages, I am kind of new here but very happy to be here. And defenitely know already that you have a great thing going.

  3. I have just looked and now at 145, surely there is a good chance that Hubpages will be within the top 100 in about 3 months time? It will only require an increase in visitor numbers of about 27%, and hopefully the Hub Challenge hubs will help with this!

  4. This is such good news, for all of us! I’m going to create as many new hubpages as I can, and see where it takes us all…good luck

  5. What an extraordinary achievement. That is such a great job.. I hope that one day soon maybe I can collect my very first rewards to show for my 70 hubs. I can only hope it won’t take another 17 months. In a wheelchair, it’s the little triumphs that count.. I would like to thank hub pages for the little things they do for me every time I open my pages.

  6. that’s cool i actually prefer and recommend this site …….this will really be a positive second thought for using the site.

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