Have you ever seen a request on HubPages that you wanted to answer, but you didn’t want to write a whole hub on the subject? Now, you don’t have to, because we are introducing a new way to briefly answer a request without building a hub. We hope that this will encourage more people to ask questions and more people to answer them.

Now when you click on the button to answer a request, you will see this interface:

If you want to answer the request without writing a hub, then you can type your answer in the box and submit it by clicking on the “submit answer” button. If you’d rather write a hub response, then click on the “make a hub about it” button. Anything that you have written in the text box will be saved and put into a text capsule in your new hub, so don’t worry about losing what you’ve written.

These new, brief answers will be displayed along with the summaries of the hub answers. In order to decide what order to put the answers in, we are introducing a simple voting system that will allow each HubPages user to vote an answer up or down. The most popular answers (based on voting) will appear at the top of the page. If an answer receives too many down votes compared to the number of up votes, then that answer will be hidden from view. So, if someone has written a spammy answer, please vote it down! Here is what the voting interface looks like:

The number in parentheses (+1) tells you that this answer has received one up vote.

We hope that you like this new feature. As always, please let us know what you think by posting in the forums (or leave a comment).

Posted by:HubPages Admin

3 replies on “New Feature Alert: HubPages Questions & Answers

  1. This seems like a really useful feature that will result in more people commenting. Also I like the voting system, as this should reward good comments/hubs. Finally, I think the option of voting down spammy answers is also really good and should help clean up hubpages.

  2. Wow. I like this. So many times I’ve seen “requests” that – really – I don’t think warrant a whole Hub. Still, they’re something that could be easily answered in a few lines. This is a kind of “neat” thing for people who looking for something to do that doesn’t take a whole “big effort”.

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