OK, you’ve got to admit that you thought the title of this blog post was a little, ummm…’out there’, but I promise that if you take a few minutes to read cindyvine’s Hub titled Hair removed by sausages, it will make much more sense. It’s a great story that cindyvine unfortunately had to suffer through so that we can all enjoy it, but it’s really, really entertaining so personally I think that it was totally worth it.

So now it’s official, cindyvine’s Hub has been named the Best Of The HubMob for this past week’s topic of Shaving and Hair Removal, so if you see her hanging around be sure to tell her congrats and to keep up the awesome Hubbing. Oh, and feel free to check out the rest of last week’s HubMob Hubs over here — they’re all really entertaining. 🙂

If you feel like becoming a HubMobster this week, then you can join the all new HubMob over here that’s all about Health and Safety.

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3 replies on “The Best Of The HubMob: cindyvine’s Hub On Hair Removal By Sausages?

  1. You totally deserve it Cindy, and we all learnt how NOT to remove hair 🙂 You know something else? Your hub inspired this week’s topic.

  2. This is a very engaging and exciting Hub as part of a HubMob weekly writing event. The event took a few days to build momentum, but ended with several goodies and a great Hub like yours at the (singed) head of the line.

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