Andrew Aksyonoff, creator of Sphinx Search
Andrew Aksyonoff, the man behind Sphinx Search

Hubpages recently upgraded its internal search functionality (you can see the blog announcement here).  We’ve added the ability to search the help page, search categories, search for images and videos, as well as a sitewide search.  In our internal testing, we found that this new search ran significantly faster than the previous internal search.

The secret to all these improvements is a free, open-source search technology known as Sphinx Search.

The man behind Sphinx Search is Andew Aksyonoff, a software engineer who lives in Russia and has been working on Sphinx since 2001.  He’s been getting a lot of attention ever since Craigslist chose sphinx as their solution to internal search (technical folks: you can see a presentation about Craiglist’s experience with Sphinx, here).

This past week Andrew traveled to the Bay Area and I was fortunate enough to get on his busy calendar.  I had hoped to show him the HubPages office but a taxi driver had dropped him off too far away.  He had just an hour but that was enough time for me, Andrew, and one of Andrew’s friends to grab a coffee and chat a little about Sphinx, HubPages, and San Francisco.

Andrew is very excited about the latest release of Sphinx which came out on April 8 (for those interested, here’s a list of features), which greatly expands the power of sphinx by expanding the query language.  It is now easier to do more complex searches.  We have not yet implemented this latest version at HubPages but I promised Andrew that I would take a look and write a hub about it.

For those interested, we went to the Blue Bottle Cafe for coffee (one of San Francisco’s best known cafes), stopped at the Westfield Mall to take a look at the Dome, took a short walk around the Yerba Buena Gardens, and then stopped for a very short time at the SF Moma Museum Store.

I told Andrew how much we at HubPages appreciated his work.  If you have any feedback on the HubPages internal search, please feel free to post your comments to this blog.

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