You know what they say, ‘It’s the thought that counts.”, and when it comes to getting your mom something for Mother’s Day sometimes it’s better to give something that you put some time and thought into as opposed to giving something that you spent a lot of money on. One of our better do-it-yourself Hubbers (and an awesome HubMobster) SweetiePie clued us in on a great way to give our mom’s a thoughtful gift on Mother’s Day with her HubMob Hub that’s titled Paint A Picture For Your Mom On Mother’s Day and it’s the Hub that I chose as the last week’s HubMob’s best of the best.

Here are a few reasons why I chose SweetiePies’s Mother’s Day DIY Hub as last week’s best:

  • It’s a great How-To Hub, which are always a great option to write and publish on HubPages. Even though she didn’t include the ‘How To’ in the beginning of her Hub title like Paul Edmondson suggests over here, it’s still a very informative Hub that has a very search-friendly title (it’s already getting Google traffic).
  • One thing that SweetiePie is great at is including very helpful (and self-shot) photos to accompany the great content that she writes about her in Hubs. In this particular Hub she included 6 step-by-step photos that help the reader progress through the instructions, which adds a lot to the reader’s experience and the usefulness of the content.
  • Another thing that SweetiePie did that made her Hub much more friendly and helpful was splitting up the different sections and steps that she wrote about in the Hub by using multiple Capsules. She also added bold section headings, which helps a reader digest the Hub in much easier and less overwhelming way.

You too can paint your mom an awesome picture like this — SweetiePie will tell you how.

Congrats to SweetiePie and all of the other HubMobsters who joined in last weeks HubMob and if you’re wanting to become a HubMobster this week, be sure to check out the latest HubMob over here in the Forums. This week it’s all about shaving and hair removal, so it should be pretty interesting. 🙂

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