I wanted to give a quick, but HUGE thanks to all of you awesome Hubbers out there who have helped us continue to grow of the past several months. With your help and your amazing content, we’ve seen some incredible growth even when it seems that many other sites are beginning to slow down.

If you’d like to see the type of growth that I’m talking about, check out Paul Edmondson’s latest Hub or check out the graph below. As you’ll see, the HubPages train is chugging along and we’re happy that you’re all on board!

Posted by:HubPages Admin

2 replies on “Grow, HubPages Grow! A Quick Thanks To All Of You Awesome Hubbers Out There

  1. I think Hub Pages may have helped save my life! Figurative, I mean. I was at a very low point in my life when I found this site, and I’ve only grown internally and personally ever since. And it’s only been three months. I’ve made great strides with my family and life in general. I love the Hubbers that I’ve come to know and love it here. Thanks for having such a great place for us writers out there.


  2. That’s nice to see (as well as know, in view of the current situation “out there”). It seems to me that more and more really well done Hubs keep showing up. HubPages is different from many writing sites, in a number of ways. I can’t help but think that the framework within which we, Hubbers, get to create Hubs must play the primary role. So thank YOU for sharing the encouraging information (and apparently, knowing what it takes to run this kind of site). šŸ™‚

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