Here are this week’s tasty, chewy and super delicious HubNuggets — fresh and hot out of the oven. Also, this week’s HubNugget wannabes have now been posted over here, so go and get your vote on now!

HubNugget 1: Snuggie Sightings (28%)

“Ok so by now, we’ve all heard of, and we’ve all seen people all over town wearing Snuggies in public like its perfectly normal. Heck, even I posed once with a Snuggie on while I was pouring a beer for a customer, and yes, it was warm and comfortable, and didn’t fall off. We’ve all seen it, done it, or sworn that never in a million years will I ever put ‘one of those things on’.” Read more »

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HubNugget 2: Filling out a dating profile (18%)

“In my vast experience with online dating (two- and-a-half weeks now), a number of issues have arisen.” Read more »

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HubNugget 3: Maintain Your Sanity (14%)

“Pressure, stress, depression are the new age labels for disease and are very common among people because of many direct or indirect factors. Western Analysts ascribed this stress to the modern city life. Psychological pressure builds up daily and makes us so judgmental, irritable, and causes us to have serious wrong interpretation about the outside world which can narrow itself to reach our families.” Read more »

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HubNugget 4: The Perfect Cup of Coffee – when you have the time. (12%)

“Starbucks is good and its convenient but I tell the employees there (I know most of them and most of them know me by name) that I make a much better cup of coffee than Starbucks. I’m not sure how many of them believe me, but it’s true.” Read more »

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HubNugget 5: Wanna see the beauty of Veggie Flowers? (8%)

“Vegetable flowers are those which bloom before a vegetable grows in a particular plant. Many of them go unnoticed, but some are very beautiful.Their presence gives a pleasant look to the environment they grow in. They are rarely used as food, But many a times they are used for flower arrangement purposes and be more decorative in flower vases.” Read more »

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