Last week’s HubMob theme of It’s Raining Men is officially over, but I wanted to take a moment to highlight one of my personal favorites from the awesome group of HubMobsters that joined in on the fun.  The Hubs were all themed around gifts that could be given to men for the upcoming Father’s Day, or for any occasion for that matter.

Well, the team’s favorite HubMob Hub was Dottie1’s Inexpensive and Unusual Gifts for Men which was packed full of interesting (and inexpensive) gift ideas for all of your favorite guys out there. Besides the fantastic content that informs the Internet-searching world about things like Light Sabers, poker sets and personalized bar signs the Hub really caught the HubMob Team’s attention for several other reasons such as:

  1. Awesome Amazon Capsules so that each of the products can be purchased directly from the Hub (which means additional money-making opportunities).
  2. Great use of images for each of the products that she lists in the Hub. Great pictures can really boost a Hub’s friendliness and readability for the people who find it.
  3. The use of Google Alerts for researching about her topic of ‘top unusual gifts for men’ — this is a FANTASTIC idea and one that I can hopefully have Dottie expand on further in this blog. Stay tuned.
  4. Finally and most importantly, Dottie followed all of the directions for the HubMob, including adding the HubMob images to her Hub and including the RSS feed of the HubMob Request, which helps spread the love to the rest of the HubMob.

Great job, Dottie and congrats on being selected as the best Hub from last week’s HubMob!

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2 replies on “The Best Of The HubMob: Dottie’s Hub On Inexpensive and Unusual Gifts for Men

  1. Holy Toledo! Yesterday Jesus rose and today Trixie Dixie wins the Best of HubMob. Life doesn’t get much sweeter! Thank you All very very much!

  2. I tried to find the above at to no avail. They had all kinds of books and lingerie. Anpother name for it or another place?

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